Saturday, April 21, 2007

Librals declare war on climate LMAO....

It began with the evil Climate making children jump off jetties, breaking the law with this dangerous practise and defying Law and Order. Our pollies have taken this into account, knowing that law and order are important issues among electors. With the new party leader and his military qualifications the current opposition have now Declared War On the Climate!!!!

The front line of this battle is obviously high above the planet surface at the Hole in the Ozone Layer and the benefits of the employment opportunities and manufacturing boom that confronting the enemy have been lept upon by the Liberals to retain the political leadership of South Australia.

Welfare recipients will be offered a selection of employment positions, From troops at the fore front of this battle, Manufacturing positions at Mitsubishi and GMH constructing the launch capsules for the troops, or Woomera constructing state of the art delivery systems also known as catapults to delivery the troop capsules to the Hole in the Ozone Layer Front. Refusal to accept and participate will have their welfare payments suspended. Charges will also be laid against the reluctant for this suspicious behavior in declining to support the safety of the State, Nation and World in this battle against the evil Climate.

The elite of society of course will not be expected to join the ranks of the common Ozone Hole battle fodder. The Saint's boys will be inducted into their own exclusive regiments with better hats and stylish uniforms and a special edition camouflage Old School Tie.. Unlike the regular troops who will be launched into the atmosphere inside their individual battle capsules. Saints boys will be launched astride their capsules waving their loaded champagne cocktails into the Ozone Hole breach. Coz this will look much more heroic with the feathered plumes in their hats as they rocket skywards. This is not favoritism but a logical choice as the years of training put into this heroic duty has been done at Oakbank by the private schoolies has shown their apptitude for this duty.

The exact number of holes has not been defined yet so advance parties will be sent on recon. missions so a battle campaign can be mapped out that will deliver the strategic goal the State needs. The re-election of the Liberal Party to power, oh and of course to fix the Ecological Damage and defeat the evil Climate.

We at the Penguin Hunter Diaries will embed our journalists with the troops and keep you informed with the battle details and progress to victory.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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