Friday, May 18, 2007

Pole dancing ad - wowsers antsy about nothing...

I watch Foxtel to avoid the never ending commercial breaks and to get a choice and variety in my viewing time. The Nando Commercial that is currently running has caught my eye as have the others over the past year or so. Simply I have no idea what Nando is!

These ads have always been quirky to my mind, given my ignorance to the product being supplied. It has resulted in me definitely able to recognise the Brand name if I ever came across it. That is what TV ads and their ilk are supposed to do, it is called Product/Brand recognition.

Today I read that there have been dozens of complaints about the current Nando commercial. This features a woman at work, pole dancing and in her off work time wearing a corporate suit and casual clothes when out to dinner with her husband/partner and children. It is an M rated commercial and is only aired after 8.30 pm.

I find this all a little bemusing there are far more explicit scenes in tv programs both visually and with language use that does not even raise a murmur in the complaints of viewers. Does this mean that tv watchers pay more attention to the commercials than the programs that are on? If so then tv programmers have done a fine job. There was the recent commercial taken off air which featured a spruiker in a rabbit costume being tripped by a rival store owner, the Insurance commercial which was taken off air for making fun of telemarketing phone calls from India, just to name a couple.

The same edition of the paper has a large article on how swearing is virtually unheeded in a current TV drama series, yet a commercial which features a mother at work and socialising with her family has created a storm in the teacup of some people. Geoff's opinion is very simple in understanding this commercial. I have worked with poledancers and strippers and socialised with them as well. This commercial actually is REAL I have seen mothers who work as pole dancers dressed in corporate suits, with their families and at work dressed in the way the ad depicts the character.

We have some seriously screwed up people living in the shoe boxes of their lives that keep the curtains drawn so they do not see outside. Reality, ladies and gentlemen is not what you dream it to be. Reality is what actually happens in the world without your conditions of right and wrong applying.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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Kaufman said...

Hear, hear!

I've danced with pole dancers and worked with mothers AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AD YOU SPEAK OF AS I DON'T WANT RUPERT MURDOCH IN MY HOUSE!*

For far too long, this government and every other government in every other developed country has catered to the select few who are offended by such trivial frivolities.

The act of raising the awareness (through the very medium, or a derivative thereof, that promotes it in the first instance) is another way of the issue attaining a level of publicity it would otherwise most likely never received.

It's a conundrum dressed as a riddle and excreted to look like a riddle dressed in a conundrum.

Andy says relax, people; it's only a fucking ad. Can I use the word 'fucking' on your blog? I'd better run that by the fucking readership first.

* Can you spot the subtle use of emphasis?