Thursday, May 10, 2007

SA WRITERS CENTRE 22nd June...Live Show

The SA Writers Centre, 2nd floor 187 Rundle Street is the venue on Friday the 22nd
of June. This is two days earlier than the 24th of June which is the officially recognised Froth and Buble Day by gordonites (fans and supporters of Australia's national Poet)

Full details of the program of events and the time this will begin (6pm tenatively at the time of writing) will be posted next week. The Melbourne Froth and Bubble event will be on the 24th of June see the official Adam Lindsay Gordon Commemorative Committee website for details -

The Adelaide celebration will include a performance of the touring show The Ballad of Adam Lindsay Gordon and be the first focal point for bringing together fans and people interested in the life of Gordon in Adelaide. he city is where the poet first landed when he came to Australia and he joined the SA Mounted Police and was based in Penola. Gordon returned to Adelaide when he was elected to Parliament and lived in Glenelg he also rode the Speaker of the House's horses in races as he was still competing as a professional steeple chase jockey.

Come along and enjoy the celebrations on the 22nd and get involved with the fun and spirit of the event.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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