Friday, February 22, 2008

Another TV show audition done in February...

As you can hear there is not much demand for Australian accents in the auditions and this does help me. By putting on an accent in this case an atrocious french one, it makes me act a character from the start. I have never done much work on my accents previously they only needed to be good enough for short bursts when doing stand up. Performing them to a camera for auditions though has made me start working on them to try and develop to a passable level.

The quality of them does not concern me at this stage I have at least a month to get the next one ready and this means 100 % correct or as near to. Coming up I have auditions for a "Soprano's" style of movie in the US and the only passable US accent I have is a Southern states one. Even that needs more work which I have been doing lately, with an animation series audition closing on the coming Monday to get this right for. The mobster movie will need a passable New York accent and that is far from my usual manner of speaking.

Well back to talking to myself this morning getting the due Monday one ready for filming and sending off tomorrow. Then I can focus on two auditions I have for Australian films in the next two weeks. The first is for a WA based feature and fortunately they have asked for a recorded audition dvd to be sent. The second one is in Victoria on the 8-9 th of March and I will be driving over to Bendigo on the day to do that one.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

This was the screen test direction for the character, "Bernard"
Principal Support Role. Bernard is aged between 30 - 45. He is a flamboyant director full of Gallic charm and eccentric style. He has a comical intensity and believes in his art, no matter how cheesy or naff it may be. He will always try and deliver with great energy and his disappointment is acute when things go wrong around him.

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Lad Litter said...

Good luck with the auditions and the accents. I think a faithful French accent would be very difficult. Would you delve into different regional accents for authenticity and maybe to find one that might be easier than others?

You also mentioned stand-up: do you do impressions? I saw Michael Caine on the last Parky show doing a bad Michael Caine impression. Hilarious.