Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sent my voiceover audtion clips...

Took the easy way out for my voice over auditions and put a montage of my last 6 months of character audition videos together instead of doing new ones. Not a matter of being lazy but as the audition was for the same production conmpany and some of them had recieved good reviews it seemed sensible to put a collection of clips edited down into the 2 minute limit and submit.

Auditions are never clear cut and I treat each one as the first time I have ever done one for the producers. This I find stops me from being complacent and part of the lessons learnt in the past. One actor submitted an audition a couple of months ago and he chose to exceed the stated time limit for the audition with his reason that they knew he could do it in the time limit from his past work history with them and so his lengthy clip,(which was very good) recieved a brickbat from the reviewers.

Not because of the quality of the work or the actors ability, more so because he had ignored the directions. THese are not given by the casting crew just for the hell of it but because they ant a particular body of work to be able to cast the right actor for the job. The actor went and delivered an impressive visual piece of acting, using the script provided. But not a piece suited for the role as the Narrator of the Feature film. A role which has no On Screen appearance in the film.

I feel some sympathy for him particularly because he made a decision of his own chosing and took umberage when other actors noted that he had exceeded the time limit. Then after all his words had the reviewer comment that excceding the time limit, meant that no matter how good the audition was he would not be considered.

Prepare yourself for my 'Accents auditions lol the Australian one is pretty good though, the rest.. I am just begining to develop them, so I apologise for your aural suffering hahaha."

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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