Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Footyhead continues in 2009

Six months has flown by in the new life of "Footyhead". Given that the character had not been out and about since 2002 his reanimation online at Youtube has been successful and great fun to do. Even though the 2008 AFL season has not finished yet there had to be a decision made on "Footyheads" future. Producing topical characters is in fact serious work. As it was in 2008 I was doing "Footyhead mostly for fun and as an online outlet to do some performing away from my other shows and work. As the season progressed the adlib and spontaneous nature of doing weekly YouTube clips was lessened and planning went into what was going to be done each week.

Fortunately it still remained a minimal amount of creative work to produce the clips. Behind the scenes and away from the camera though, as the comments and subscriber interaction grew "Footyhead" was growing on paper towards the future. As performing is what my career is the fun and the 'work' to make the fun worthwhile for me to keep doing something is not a chore. Nothing much will change for the rest of 2008 with the character there are no expectations to have much more from it for now. 2009 though will see fuller figure on the small screen at Youtube and greater value for viewers.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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