Monday, August 11, 2008

"Footyhead" speaks as Carlton pulverise Port Rd 19 2008

One of mypeers who I have worked with for several years has many talents. An accomplished artist with his own Gallery, his other passion is singing and songwriting. This year he recorded a song and it was enthusiastically received by many icons of Aussie rules as the most inspiring footy song they had heard. For the past month negotiations with a major music label have been under way and eveything has been positive. I am very pragmatic about 'art' this is from lessons learnt over the past twenty years. Just because something is good and people like it and it has public support does not mean it will be taken on board by larger commercial operations (hahah I have been watching too much Yes Minister and picked up speaking with out committing this week).

Simply being good and popular is not going to have action taken straight away, as my mate has found out the plans for music releases by the other party have been set up a year in advance as frustrating as this is for him that is reality of business.

For me sport is a topic that for many years I have used as a basis for my creative work. This year I dusted off "Footyhead" who was never a part of my 'work' when it came to footy, This character was actually a fun thing I did to get away from the serious side of the work. With a little surprise though, after getting involved with having some fun with 'Footyhead' on YouTube the responce encouraged me to look at him in a different light. I thoroughly enjoy the reaction to his ranting on video anything is better than being ignored and so with that effort of 2008 season nearly done next year the character will for the first time become a real performing character.

Footy is fun and I love playing with the culture around it as a clown.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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