Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"FANGING IT" ABC2 TV Australian Film on show

For the past two months I have been busy filming and producing my audition videos for "Fanging It" The first month was with the goal of being selected as one of the Co-Hosts for the program. Entertainment is a difficult industry " to go for the gold " and get a spot in front of the camera. That does not stop me or any one else who has the desire and talent to try. Like many things it is often when you do it purely because you can even though your own analysis of the requirements to succeed say you are not the one they want the result is a surprisingly good one.

I looked at the program and came to the conclusion that I was 10 years too old to be successful. Even so the opportunity to make my videos to the Fanging It requirements and get them judged was well worth the effort. Even better was the surprise to be notified that I was on the reserve shortlist when the judging was finalised to select the final 5. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to have been judged and the quality of my work outweighed the other factors in favour of other entrants.

Now I am in the next audition process for Fanging It as a Director and trying to make the final group for the Doco Slam in Melbourne during October. You can view my entries as TALART248 at

Following is an article on the "Fanging It" program, from PERTHNOW if you have the desire and a camera give it a go.
"June 11, 2008 10:30am
ABC TV today announced the launch of an exciting new multi-platform Web and TV youth travel show - Fanging It.

Fanging It launches with an Australia-wide search for two vibrant presenters to host the show.

Fanging It is an irreverent and contemporary hybrid web and TV production that marks a new phase for ABC TV, with user generated program content uploaded to the web before the show airs on television.

ABC TV’s Commissioning Editor, David Jowsey said “Fanging It is a new sort of 21st century Race Around The World. We hope to find some great new talent and showcase them on the Web and TV.”

Fanging It is a Net Effective/NMG production for ABC TV. Net Effective/NMG is a Melbourne based production company that specialises in new media formats.

James Boldiston, Producer and Director of NMG said “Fanging It is a great opportunity for any would-be filmmaker or TV presenter to have the adventure of a lifetime.

We look forward to delivering what will be a pioneering, engaging, interactive travel show for ABC TV. We invite viewers to give it a go and send in their clips.”

All Australian residents over 18 years old are invited to upload their factual mini-documentary video clips to the website before the closing date of August 10, 2008.

Video clips must be more than 90 seconds and no longer than two minutes in length, and be made by and feature the entrant.

Entries should cover the fabulous, strange and eye-opening encounters experienced by the entrant in Australia and may be shot on camera, phone or other video device.

A judging panel made up of members from ABC TV, Net Effective/NMG and the Australian Film Commission (AFC) will select five semi-finalists who will be brought to Melbourne for an intensive three day course, learning the ropes in hands-on factual filmmaking.

On 25 August two entrants will be selected as presenters and immediately be packed off on a three week Australian road trip, all no frills expenses paid.

En route they’ll make a series of mini-documentaries about their exploits that show the thrills, chills and challenges of travelling round Australia on a budget.

They’ll make regular video-diary and blog updates of their adventures and engage with viewers via website forums and live chats.

On their return, the presenters will host a new ABC2 TV travel show featuring all that is fresh, edgy and fun about travel in contemporary Australia.

As well as their own footage, the show will include the best of travel mini-clips uploaded by viewers in the run to win $2000 worth of travel prizes."

For all program details and presenter search information go to

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff