Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wish I was a musician...

I have had my dreams of being a singer or musician in a band and at times I have gone and bought musical instruments and made noise with them but never gone on to become competent with them. There is just something not right in my brain to make the cordination between my hands and the rythym in my head work for me. Yes I know taking lessons would be a good thing but it has never happened or likely to. Recently I purchased an new instrument on a whim again! Walking through a Target store I saw these organ/keyboards for sale. I had a look then walked away, then followed half an hour of me circling the store like a shark stalking a meal in the ocean. Looking at clothes, cds, dvds, socks and jocks, manchester you name it I suddenly found an interest in it. My girlfriend was there shopping for her trip to Queensland so I had the time to think.

While thinking, the circle got smaller and smaller until eventually I had to face the fact that the pile of boxed of keyboards were at the centre of it and to stop kidding myself with being interested in socks. Now the keyboards sit just a couple of paces away from me in the studio as I write this, always on and forever enduring me walking past and stopping to tinkle the keys. Okay, I call it tinkling, those who understand music probably call it cruel and unusual torture of an innocent object. I don't care. for the first time in my life I can actually make little tunes and slowly I am learning to make the other backing instrument sounds work with my tinkling, into little melodies.

I may wish to be a musician. I never will be though, but this keyboard instrument has finally soothed that yearning to make "My" music. One of my fans on REVERBnation Tabatha has a description of her musical journey that to me resonates with the heartstrings of my musical yearnings. ENJOY her tale and drop in and have a listen to her tunes.

To all the musicians and singers out there my best wishes always to you. No matter what you play or sing the style or the arena your music is special.

"Soon after the birth of the band Tabatha and Southern Fry'd three years ago its' welfare became the responsibility of lead singer Tabatha Rowland, this vivacious brunette hits you with an energetic blast of extreme entertainment accompanied by large dose down-home sweetness. With the love of her art, competence and a little courage she has nurtured TSF to its' present state of quality, in her own words, “There is truly a time for everything and it is our time!” She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend...just your everyday country girl with a dream, working long days in the medical field and chasing her dream by night.
Born in Granite City, Illinois, Tabatha and her family migrated to the western Kentucky town of Suwanee, but her parents divorced soon after. The first of their five daughters and living in a single-parent home she quickly learned to stretch a dollar. As with any large family, money was tight, “barely affording things such as hairspray and tennis shoes, much less being able to buy records or tapes.” Tabatha remembers buying her first album at a yard sale “When I Dream” by Crystal Gayle for a mere seventy five cents! Attempting to describe the sensation that music gives her, she explains, "it is as natural as breathing to me, it isn't about fame or notoriety, it’s about that one person who relates to the message I convey or that one song that can move someone deeply enough to cry...I am touching a part of another that isn't visible... deep-down in their soul and that is a gift... I have been blessed. I so love being in front of a crowd it is like an electrical current, energy is all around me, like the aurora borealis. With her single "Hank It Up" premiering on local radio station WKYQ's Outlaw Hours, Tabatha has been welcomed into a traditionally "male" artist show. Larry Dever of Nashville noted, “Tabatha and Southern FRY’d are as edgy and rowdy as a bar fight. Spunky vocals punctuated by solid rhythms and articulate musicianship, from a band that knows what it wants to say musically and knows how to say it.” Avoid Heat and Flame is a blend of cutting loose songs and traditional true-to-life ballads that everyone can connect to in some way.
Producer Dustin Burnett of Plume Media opened the doors that had only been windows which Tabatha & Southern FRY’d glimpsed through. Doing radio interviews, hosting a CD Release Party and airing on the Bob Birch Show / Venture Radio in the United Kingdom has literally expanded their listener range by thousands of miles!"

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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