Monday, September 22, 2008

Angry Angry Angry genius.....

It is 4.30 am and I can't stay in bed any longer. This really has
me steaming mad. After four days of getting up at this time of the
morning, today is the first of three days off and I can't stay in
bed. If there was another person in the house, right now my mind
would be working feverishly on how to dispose of the corpse.

I love being ANGRY, in fact it is the secret of my success. What's
that I hear you think? It is no longer a secret now, it has been
blogged, what makes you think you are going to leave this page
alive? Mwuahhahahah!! Cultivating my anger takes so little time
these days all that is required is patience for it to germinate
and then bloom.

Being patient pisses me off! Could not be much
simpler for this crucial part of my creativity to be available.
Besides the irritating patience factor, I have a handful of
guaranteed trigger points that are called upon to suplement the
irritation to develop fully fledged ire. Now as a person you could
not meet a nicer, more caring and genuinely understanding bloke
than me. In fact harming another is virtually impossible for me to

So why do I cultivate my anger? It is what creates my
inspirational genius. We all have buried away inside ourselves a
seam of gold that is where our personal genius resides. With a
little exploration and development, that seam of gold can become a
gold field and actively mined for profit.

I have no idea why mine is anger, I could not care less about the
reasoning. One point I must make though is that I cannot access
the anger/genius at the drop of a hat. (More bloody patience
required) It is woven into the fabric of my whole creative

After all of the detail and substance that is required
for an idea to form is gathered in my mind, the anger is the
trigger to colate it all into a body of work and make it happen.

Yesterday was one of those days. After 4 months of working on a
project, that is in fact well on it's way already. As soon as I
woke and got up to traipse of to work at 5am a few volcanic bursts
began burning through my mind. 8am rang my g/f to catch up before
she headed off to her "Organic Farming" course/practical and
mentioned the grumpiness factor that was growing and had a good
laugh. By 9am, Mt Vesuvius was gathering steam as I calmly sat and
worked on couple of projects. 9.30am The Eruption!!!
The keyboard was glowing as my fingers flashed accross, the ink in
my pen was bubbling and steaming as the ball point seared my
coming actions onto the diary pages up until mid October. My
mobile phone carrier network was scorched with text and phone
calls while the residents of Pompeii looked up at the sky and
commented, "They are funny looking rain clouds."

After the intial eruption the day passed with sporadic after
shocks and self satisfied belches of smoke during a Sunday
afternoon business meeting. The day ending with a fitful nights
sleep until waking. Now I have to kill you to keep the secret a
secret. LMAO

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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