Saturday, October 25, 2008

Does your career "title" mean anything to you?

It is possible that I am still a stand-up comic. Of late this has became a point of consideration for me in fact. You see the point was that way back about 32 years ago the idea came to me that I wanted to write books. At the time I was halfway through one of Gerard Durrel's books where he was in Sth America collecting animals. This was something that had been considered before but this was the definative moment when I decided I was going to do that for a career. The nt thought was, I don't know anything to write about. Simple, just get out in the world and live. That will give me the knowledge and experiences to write about. Along the way to here and now I did a lot more than many and less than some. Among all the experiences and jobs I have been a publisher, editor journalist, poet, standup comic, spruiker, actor, radio announcer, copywriter and a film maker.

The list is not the point, it is the titles that are being given me in my work. When I did jury service last week for occupation I put down entertainer. In an interview with the Fanging It host and discussions with the producer they kept refering to me as a film maker, the journalist from The Advertiser called my occupation standup comic and actor in her article. A couple of my mates besides using a variety of colourful adjectives to call me aside from my given name have started refering to me as an artist.

On REVERBnation where I have my recordings loaded I am in the COMICS Charts and catagory. Since the begining of October I have gone from being the 87th ranked Comic to No. 4 out of 550 or so international acts. Follow the link and go check out my page and I heartily endorse registering on this site if you record any of your work as audio or film. Virtually every music style has charts and sales through digital downloads through itunes, amazon etc are all available to any one if a member of REVERBnation. Not only that you will be paid a montly royalty by Reverbnation if u join the artists sharing program. If you join become a fan of mine and I will return the support and share my existing fan base with you as well.

I have no idea what the readers of my blogg do or think and identify with. That is part of the joy of writing here. What do you define yourself as?
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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