Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How much can you create, to entertain...

http://www.reverbnation.com/geoffdening G'day All, A supposedly casual day of rest as usual does not happen. Admittedly since 2006 I have probably had about 10 months of R and R in my opinion. It would be more apt to call it creative development time so there is no guilt. A lot of time is spent creating developing and producing the next projects to do.

It is just that "doing nothing' does not sit comfortably with me and that is simply an observation in hindsight has not been the case. Developing a new round of creative projects unleashes this awkward feeling of frustration in my mind as the bits all coalesce into a body of work. Success does not just happen the result is always highlighted when it happens but that is a very small part of what has taken place to get a result. Even when something does not succeed to expectations the same amount of work is put into a creative project and the most valuable quality to have is patience with a dash of confidence.

The added commitment of Jury Service during October put a bit more mental pressure on me. In a round about way though, concentrating on the case as I sat in the Jury Box was a good thing and helped me relax. taking me out of the self generated enclosure of the work in hand was a bonus. When the individual bits form into the body of the idea and what has to be done to create it that is all I am focused on. It is very easy to forget to eat, clean and socialise when I am buried in the moment.

Roll on 2009 hahah I am sure I will get everything done.

October has been the month on the rise for me Now the 3rd ranked comic on REVERBnation out of 560. ABC2 TV's "Fanging It" are doing a feature on my films and career. And "Footyhead" is in the running for a tv gig as well. Plus tonight I am doing a live to air radio interview with a Queensland station.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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