Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Noostar Winner last week...

The "NOOSTAR" performers contest website has completed its dress rehearsal period. I was fortunate enough to finish in first place in the last week of the trial with the number of votes received. This would not have been possible without a lot of work on my part in contacting my various friends and fans on MySPace, Facebook and Reverbnation and asking them to check out my entries and to vote and rate them.

At last look there were only a handful of Australian performers on the UK based site among the singers, actors, magicians, poets and comics. I do find the title that the NOOSTAR admin gave my first audition vid a little embarrassing. I certainly don't believe or think that i am "Australia's Finest Comic". Comedy is an incredibly diverse medium, many fine comics have a core following of fans and people who appreciate their work. Yet ask almost anyone who their fav comic is and they will have a choice that is as varied as the colours in a rainbow. Just a quick vox pop survey of a group of people with say 5 world noted comics would have some say the work of one is funny and another's does nothing for them.

With my entries into the NOOSTAR comp I uploaded 6 vids that are all different, hoping that the variety would enable me to get votes from people that may like one type of vid and not another. Admittedly I have been promoting this to people who are my online contacts through various sites as mentioned above and now I am introducing it to another group of people at the ABC Contribute site.

Please feel free to check out my vids at Noostar, register and vote and rate my entries. I am currently in the lead for this weeks competition but every vote and rating counts. http://www.noostar.com/home

Thankyou for your Time and attention

Geoff Dening

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