Thursday, January 15, 2009

Geoff On Dreams that come true...

Yes dear readers I have been tagged with the label of being a dreamer at times. Which is totally true, if I had no dreams then what would be interesting as something to do in life? Simply doing this is a result of my dreams that have came true and there are more successful events on the way for 2009. Good grief it is not even 30 days old yet and this year is already looming as bigger and better than the success of 2008.

In the past I was a publisher and editor of several hard copy magazines this year I am back to writing for part of my living again with VITO MAGAZINE in New Zealand. The link will take you to my first published columnist blog post on the DREAM of being an actor, film maker or production crew member in the world of entertainment. Which reminds me the long process of auditioning and casting for the Fanging It ABC2 tv series which is doing a feature on me will be aired from April the 6th 2009 to the 27th. So tune in to see myself and the many other talented film makers discovered by this program.

It may seem to be a while between posts on my blog but much of what I do is a long dull process which can be labelled as creativity time I choose not to share that tedious process with my readers. Yes I do love you it is true and that is why I don't inflict that side of my work on you. The compilation of projects is like making and putting together a jigsaw puzzle at the same time while suffering sporadic bouts of colour blindness.

Welcome to 2009 all and enjoy yourself throughout the coming adventures you have and my ramblings that will increase in tempo as the year progresses.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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