Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GOLF - Practice regularly and in advance of playing..

26th July PM The brief description of the previous two days of competition in the Millicent Open (Saturday) and Monthly Medal round at my home club (Sunday) is not because nothing spectacular happened instead the two rounds played near to how I set myself up to play them. The practice that is part of the preparation was the key to my enjoyment and the success on the course.

Towards the end of Sunday’s round the driver shots off the tee began to falter, with a slice beginning to establish in the tail of the ball flight. This is a regular fault in the stroke that the regular practice removes from my game play. In this case there may have been a little tiredness that brought it on which is why the three iron was used on one tee. Today after a casual 9 holes in the morning the slice was still established in the tee shots, so this afternoon a concentrated half hour was put in to getting the tee shot back to perfect. It was deliberately done after playing another three holes and having the tiredness affecting shots as well. In the morning nine my older set was used, being heavier irons with more loft it is interesting to note that the increased distance with the game set has transferred to these as well. Which is further evidence that the improvement has came from swing technique and the practice that established it.

With the Kingston Open on this Sunday accuracy off the tee is vital again, on another course with gum tree lined fairways on some holes and a few long doglegs to negotiate. Physically, a few twinges in some back muscles were noticed during Monday’s hitting and a bit of rest is needed to let them settle.

In fact this week will include another series of physical excercise incorporated into shot practice. Nothing new or major, the concentrated regime from March to April is still proving it’s worth. A week of doing the “leg lift” yoga excercise will firm and tone my back muscles, together with doing the chest expander and hand grip routines for improved stamina for club use. Yesterday in the afternoon practice session my strength was flagging, to be expected after playing in two 18 hole comps. over the weekend and I am definitely no athlete. August is a usual month of golfing, I am choosing to play in the Kingston Open on the 1st. The 8th is a Par round and in this case I may choose to go to Naracoorte and play, there is a 18/36 hole stroke competition there that day. The first qualifying round of the club championships and combined monthly medal is on the 15th. The 22nd and 29th are both the 3rd and final rounds of two trophy competitions, Caledonian Inn and John Leake respectively which I am among the leaders in. Hence a little pre-round conditioning can only benefit my game if done now.

Also a little more work on the short game is in order to refine the variety of shots I can play. Nothing in particular just better control over distance and even a little work on getting more backspin when the ball hits the green from close in shots. Around the green first choice is my pitching wedge, occasionally the sand wedge is used. The 60 degree lob wedge is not even in my bag, eventually it may get a slot once it’s use is mastered, in the meantime the other two irons will suffice. Putting will be getting more attention in particular after the Millicent experience the improvements that this has initiated in play on the greens, I do not want to lose and revert to the previous established putting style.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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