Thursday, July 29, 2010

GOLF - It is exercise in a good way...

28th July Second day of the excercise program for a golfing tune up is starting to show the effects. The Yoga ‘leg lift’ specifically for my back injury has delivered a surprise result in how much more strength is already established. Since the concentrated effort earlier in the year the improvement in this area has became the norm, to set up and do the routine again and the ease in doing the original regime without any strain is a bonus. Observing golfers in the professional ranks you can see that being turned out like an Olympic athlete is not a must. The Senior tour is not the only less athletic in competitors’ appearance. This does not mean that the players are not fit, playing the sport alone is a good excercise, as there is no impacts from opponent tackles and not too much strain from sprinting or rapid exertion. Golf is a fantastic sport for anyone who is already carrying injury from life. In my case several broken bones, fractured vertebrate and torn muscles did take a little gentle coaxing through the first 12 months of playing, over all between two up to three months of injury time stopped me from golfing. Doctor’s advice should be sought in respect to your injury and playing golf, in my case I went more to check up that the various ailments through the season were not harmful but in fact my body reacting to the improved flexibility and general physical activity.

For arm, hand grip, chest and shoulder stamina building I use a set of hand grips and a chest expander, two excercise tools that do not require room to use them. Both are very easy to store and importantly do not put undue strain on your body when being used, sensibly within your limits of course. In this refresher program the effects came to notice very quickly and I have had to adjust my pitching stroke strength. The mid to long irons are out of sync as well and this will take a little adjustment on the driving fairway to get right again. Off the tee the Driver is working well enough again after this mornings hit out. I had began to get erratic with it on Monday and had not had a real chance to retune the swing tempo until today. Nothing major in error as a result of getting tired after two days of competition and starting to hit at the ball too hard. Now back to the steady easy swing and the ball flying straight at my target point, without any slice.

One matter that I have to consider seriously is a diet change for a while. The winter weather has had me snacking on a few too many comfort foods with cups of coffee. A couple of kilos of apples has replaced the sugar rich biscuits and cakes that had been in the cupboard of late. It does not take much to alter your diet much like smoking (without the nicotine addiction) the habit becomes a part of regular routine. A little discipline is all it takes to get out of the snack attacks.

Thankyou for your time and attention "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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