Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Golf - Kingston SE Open 1st August 2010

3rd August Tuesday Two days after the Kingston Open on the 1st and I am back home and played another 18 holes on the local course as I do after the weekend competition with a different set of irons. This has became a part of my routine the past 4 weeks no matter what the result has been, to play a round with a different set. Fortunately I do have a good selection to choose from, a set of blades, and a 1980’s set of toe/heel weighted irons which still suit my game well even with the higher club lofts. In the calmer conditions today I carded an 87 Gross, using the heavier 1980’s Toe/heel weighted irons. Also played 9 holes yesterday with these clubs and it was interesting to feel the touch improve especially around the green with pitching close to the pin regularly. Used the Proline 1.5 Ball Oddessy look alike putter that previously I had never handled well and did quite well with it for a change, still left a few putts short but the 2nd putts all dropped.

The reason I do this is to eradicate any delusion that the equipment is to blame or the reason for a good round on the weekend. This started out as an experiment initially due to the tale I was told by a golfer at my club and similar versions of it being recounted here and to me at competitions.You may have heard it or had it told to you in person, “where a professional shows a golfer how old clubs work just as well as the new and gets an old iron or a wood out and hits the ball just as far and well as a newer stick does.” I agree that the new technology does have advantages and benefits for almost any golfers game. By using the different sets I give my ability and variety a tryout and stop the equipment failure excuse in my game ever occurring.

The Kingston Open was a test of my ability and I was found a little wanting in the end. The weather was definitely a factor in my results, 19-17 Knot winds with gusts that blew players backwards and sideways while trying to set up for shots. The temperature of 8-12 degrees Celsius was on the cold side and did not make getting into a rythym easy for me, a few showers a little hail as well but the full brunt of the storm clouds passed around us on the course thankfully. Managed to keep my drives on track most of the day off the tee and the approach shots for the green were off the distance all day, together with some very poor pitching. Could not get comfortable at all on the 20 m in to the pin shots all day and that cost me several shots and was the main fault in my game.

I set myself a target of 95 to be in the placegetter zone at the finish and my total Gross 99/79 nett was four over that, there were many chances all day to get the target. I could not quite manage to maintain the consistent effort when in position to make the score I was after. With a 6th place over all in B grade the Gross winning score was 90 and the Nett was 73. My ability was exposed and found lacking in the conditions, as a 20 handicapper it was a grounding experience. Even so I did much better than many lower hcp. golfers on the day. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”

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