Sunday, October 31, 2010

Australian Golf Documentary 2011

There are two types of people in the world "gunna's" and "doers" golfers on the most part are doers. There is what seems to be a never ending stream of messages thrown out in the media telling us to do more exercise, get fit, and act, live, healthier and everything will be just roses and butteflies.

Not for me thankyou. I like to live as I please and drink a few beers (to excess at times too) and will get up and take a tub of icecream and a slab of beer back to bed if told to go for an invigorating beneficial walk let alone go jogging! Having seen the looks on joggers faces is enough to make me want to slam my fingers in a car door to avoid going through that torture.

Yet here I am a golfer who will walk around a golf course several times a week, exercising as well as giving myself the many brain explosions that come from playing shots that would do the iceberg that sank the Titanic proud. Yes I am a doer and I enjoy living a life that has no lycra bike shorts, or runners that cost $300. If a jogger was attacked by Rabid Kangaroo thay can only hope to be able to run away faster. As a sedate slob of a golfer I have 13 clubs to defend myself with, make that 12 I am a crap shot with the 9 iron and would probably miss with a defesive swing too.

Being a doer is a good thing and with golf it is also fun as well. So join in as a doer and view and vote for my 2011 Australian Golf Documentary here;


Thankyou for your time and attention regards geoff

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