Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2011 A Golf Odyssey

My passion for golf is more than just the experience of playing the game, like some other golfers it is the esoteric benefits that have me out hitting the little white ball for hours on end. It is the joy of practise that actually keeps me passionate about the game. I can understand how the golfers who go on to professional careers never lose the desire to play. Not to go by the single digit handicap golfers who play for the pure enjoyment of the game as well.

I get a vital benefit from golfing that stimulates my mind and physical activity for work. It is something that is a fortunate blessing and has a lot to do with why I returned to the game seriously after so many years. The creative process for me does not rely upon sitting around reading and thinking it has to involve social and actual interaction with people and activities.

Which is why my liver has stretch marks from the many social activities that involve the casual consumption of alcohol. I have even got the experience of having spent a year getting home when the sun was rising from another session of world series nightclubbing. Partying is flaming hard work and playing golf is a lot more rewarding and generally involves a lot less drinking, most of the time.

The Southern Ports Tournament has a good social atmosphere and with three tournament rounds in the week the socialising is a major plus. Compered to the post match gathering after a weekly club round there are added facets to the tournament post round presentations. One of the newer benefits is being able to check online the post round scores as well and be able to calculate what is needed and a strategy to achieve the target for the next round.

Besides the live round coverage in the documentary the post round clubhouse interviews with the rest of the field is going to be a specific feature. It is not a film about one golfer having a crack, it is about a complete field of golfers and their experience of the 2011 Southern Ports Tournament.


With a couple of mouse clicks you can give your valued vote to making this Real Golfing documentary a reality in 2011. It would be much appreciated. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff Dening

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