Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On the Home straight

What you think I am going to give up now with only two weeks to go to get enough votes to make the finals. Hell I am only a few thousand behind and I am putting in all the effort I can. Heading off to Adelaide today which was unexpected, as important as the film project is a family emergency has precedence. Bit of a bugger as the newspaper article is out today on my project and I had a lot of promotional work planned to get the maximum benefit out of it.

No matter that can always be done when I return Friday, It has been good to see the number of views this thread has (633 at the minute) whick perhaps 30 are from me doing posts replying and editing typos in my posts. It would be great if my work had been good enough to turn the other 600 views into votes for the trailer. There is still time to do that with your help of course you can vote once every day it takes less than a couple of minutes and in two weeks 600 votes from this site alone with my other efforts can get me into a higher ranking.

So go on click the link and vote I promise I have no political agenda at all lol I have too much honesty for that.


View the trailer here and click on the VOTE button if you like it. For me it would be even more satisfying to produce the full 7 part web series that the trailer is for in the Movie Extra competition. Based at the 36th 2011 Southern Ports Golf Tournament week. every vote you give until then is very much appreciated. Thankyou for your time and attention. regards Geoff Dening

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