Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MOVIE EXTRA Film finalists announced

Thanks to all who viewed and voted for "Another crack at the title" The dates of the competition were changed twice and that threw the marketing and promotional timing out. The 15 finalists are all worthy of success and you can check them out here MOVIE EXTRA FINALISTS No matter, there were more positives than negatives. The Southern Ports Tournament is now being covered by Golf Australia magazine valuable national exposure for free. The popularity among the Australian Golfing community was very encouraging, none of this would have came about if I did not do the re-write and enter the competition! The project will still be going ahead as was planned before being entered in the Movie Extra Competition. Which proves the whole point of the exercise, if you sit back and do nothing that is what you get!

The Movie Extra comp. was out of my readiness zone, for want of a better description. Even so I had to have a crack at it, that is my nature. The filming will still happen next year and at my own pace and level of capability. I was always aware that the topic and format of being an actual documentary was not what others would choose. Fact is the time it takes to write and craft a 7 episode series film is not that easy. I chose to re-write an existing project otherwise there would have been no worthwhile entry available.

The fact that I had the people available who can do the required work in production at short notice was a good thing. Also the support from various people here and across other mediums was much appreciated. Work is a serious business and in this case my pedantic attitude in setting up promotion was definately thrown out. The newspaper article will not be out until this week and that will be too late, “Any publicity is good publicity” is a fact though and this will be good for other work I am doing. As another bonus the Tournament is now being picked up for coverage in Golf Australia magazine which was not on the cards for the organisers until I started my promo works.

It is a lot of fun doing the work and truth be told it is a great reason to have to get out and play more golf.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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