Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reel Australia film production

The past month has been very busy and late last night I finished a 12 hour stint on the PC editing another film project That I was only recently made aware of and in a very short space of time have managed to get filmed and produced before the closing date on the 3rd of December 2010. At this moment all of the work of the past two weeks is now dependent on if it is accepted for the competition. That is the only reason why I have not supplied a link for it to be viewed. If it does pass muster a link will be supplied and yes I did manage to get golf in the 2 minute film.

“Create a 2 minute film capturing ’ What is the Reel Australia?’ Your film should ultimately showcase Who We Are as a nation”

“Beginning with three flags representing the indigenous people, a state and the national flag, I then recited selected poetry of Australia’s national poet Adam Lindsay Gordon who first captured the utterances of Australia’s forming identity. I chose to use images of monuments to explorers of our nation and immigrants together with a memorial of fishermen lost at sea to highlight the challenge it took to set off to the new lands. Australia is still a young country and the combination of rural and urban life is not hampered by the tyranny of distance as it was no more than a century ago. The view of Lake Albert at Meningie that was shrinking for 2 years, in the space of a month was back to past levels when the Murray began to flow again. Children are the future and being active and having a go is part of the Aussie ethos. Humanity and nature are things Australians do react to and our origins needed action to succeed and that is why I end with another iconic passage of Gordon’s poetry.”
From time to time this thread will continue to have fresh posts. As the “Another Crack At The Title” film is still being produced there will be updates for readers of the progress and developments associated with it. The pic in the corner is a scan of a recent interview about the Golf Documentary. I am fortunate to recieve such a detailed article in the local media and I would like to comend the reporter who did the job so well.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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