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Club Secretary and Short Film Last days To Vote

1st December 2010

This post is the first were I get to discuss my standing for and being elected to the club committee as secretary. The intention was to stand for general committee and go on some sub committees to contribute more to the club. After many years in local government (yes I did do a real job, way back in the last century), my standard response to that endless line of people complaining about how things were done, etc was, “Stand for council and do something about it!”. Hypocrisy is not something I would want to start doing now, so I had to stand up and contribute myself this year. Fact is I have served on enough committees etc in the past and all I want to do is play golf. It is apparent the club needs some fresh perspective and I can do that, as well as do some work as well.

As I was elected unopposed, I did not get to speak about what I identified as action that needs to be taken for the future development and success of the club. There are three things I have identified of interest to me and that must be resolved. Membership needs to be increased particularly active players among the men. Following my suggestion and commitment to do the work, two membership drives were held in the past 12 months that worked particularly well for the women, where as the men had a more moderate success. Next I will propose another membership drive and club promotion plan for 12 months, that will get an even better response.

The next point of interest is the club expansion from 14 to 18 holes. This has been in action for the past twenty years and in that time four new holes have been added and two older holes removed. I had written to the committee on the matter earlier in the year and the course development was discussed at the AGM. One proposal brought up was the reduction to a 9 hole course with 18 tees, alongside the same plan that requires additional land to be obtained. The club does have a very solid bank balance but the old plan is going to fail in my opinion. I have since drafted a mud map of the course with 4 new holes on the existing land that can be done. Oddly two of these ‘new’ holes were partially constructed in late 1980 and one tee and green was actually used. Before a club member backlash at it being too hard to play as it was over water off the tee had it taken out of play, I could be wrong. The other is a green situated in the centre of a lake and this was stopped for the similar reasons by a number of members. Fortunately the area was all constructed and all it really needs is a landscaping of the green surrounds a surface and tee to become usable. This is two definite holes ready for completion available after some politicking is done. The next requires an existing par 5 being reduced to par 4 and a par 3 created using the ‘acquired’ land. The fourth is a difficult one as it may not be possible to clear the land due to environmental rulings on land clearance.

Lastly I would like the club to consider establishing a business management plan for the club house, dining, bar and convention centre uses of the club house and course region. At the minute it is run as a typical club with members volunteers to do the bar after comps etc. I have no experience in running a venue but am sure that if a /business professional management plan was established the venue can become an asset that could be improved.

The practise and combined change of shafts on my irons delivered the results in the Robe Village Ambrose. I did not have much to say to the team captain, except I really want us to have a good try at winning. The format was a 5 person Ambrose and our handicap was 7.4, at first glance we had a reasonable mix as well a 6,9,17,19 and 25 handicapper. It worked out well as the group did gel and a team spirit was quickly formed and a bucketload of laughs and fun was had . Best of all the players all did what could be expected the two single digit players dropped a few birdie putts after the rest of us missed, the higher handicappers all had those occasional brilliant shots and we ended up 9 under after 18 holes. Finished in third place after handicap with a 55.4, First Place was 54.3 and second place 54.8.

Sunday was the Robe Village Classic and invitational event for 6 handicappers and under, I spent the day filming the event and do have the winners and all on tape but will follow that up in a later post. The editing is a big job to do in coming days. Did get some great footage of shots and it was a very good trial for the planned Documentary in 2011 at the Southern Ports Tournament.

G’day All, only 3 days to go friends please view my latest film clip and vote if you like it! (You could win a prize from the organisers NSW Australia Day Council for voting TOO!) Oh yeah and pass it on to your friends every vote counts! Thankyou for your time and attention
regards geoff
Create a 2 minute film capturing ' What is the Reel Australia?' Your film should ultimately showcase Who We Are as a nation

Beginning with three flags representing the indigenous people, a state and the national flag, I then recited selected poetry of Australia’s national poet Adam Lindsay Gordon who first captured the utterances of Australia’s forming identity. I chose to use images of monuments to explorers of our nation and immigrants together with a memorial of fishermen lost at sea to highlight the challenge it took to set off to the new lands. Australia is still a young country and the combination of rural and urban life is not hampered by the tyranny of distance as it was no more than a century ago. The view of Lake Albert at Meningie that was shrinking for 2 years, in the space of a month was back to past levels when the Murray began to flow again. Children are the future and being active and having a go is part of the Aussie ethos. Humanity and nature are things Australians do react to and our origins needed action to succeed and that is why I end with another iconic passage of Gordon’s poetry.
Thankyou for your time and attention “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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