Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kingston SE Summer Tournament

9th December 2010

Into the last month of 2010 and a brief review of the past season is enough to say I improved and had fun playing golf as much as 2009. Just came in from having my best score for 18 holes today, 82 off the stick. The 18th of December is the Kingston SE Summer Open and that is my next serious round and will be a fine way to finish the season for myself. I managed a win in the C grade handicap section last Summer Open, at a course that was also the site of missing the last putt and finishing second in the Southern Ports Tournament in March.

The new 18 hole Kingston course has been completed now and that adds to the anticipation. As well, my own game has began to show an improved consistency and the associated lower scores. Playing on other courses besides the home club has been a major enjoyment and benefit to my golf this year. A definite effect is that course stroke traits that begin to become a factor in a round, are seen for the negative effect they have when used regularly on another course. October and November began as a real struggle with playing well and slowly all of practising with grip, swing, club changes began to have an effect, for the better. Perhaps the most frustrating part of my game now is having to endure the errors I make, that are a result of being able to play so much better. Being patient and stoic is a couple of character traits the if not present in my makeup would have had me join that long line of quitters in life. To all those impatient golfers, please keep on ‘jumping the gun’ any advantage over another player is a bonus in competition.

First meeting of the club season is next Monday and I am almost up to speed with he club operation and the tasks that come with being on committee. It is not all that difficult being on committee, although I had no intention of taking up the secretary position. The fact is I did all of the club/group committee stuff in my 20’s and 30’s. I had no desire to do it again and it took a good speech by the club pres. and concerns on my on part to make me stand up and get involved again. My commitment to the position is one season (2011) perhaps 2012 but that is 90% not going to happen.

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Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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