Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Southern Ports Golf Tournament 2011

Could not maintain the form into Sunday’s round of the past week. So close yet not good enough a gross 92 for a nett 73. Happily I beat my conqueror in the B grade semi final by 1 stroke on the day. It was a good day of company and comradeship and some good golf thrown in as well. What made the day fun was being able top play a game in a very mentally refreshing state, seeing the errors that cost me at the end of the day for the true fault, concentration lapses which for the most part resulted in playing too fast instead of slowing down and taking the time to set myself properly to execute the strokes well. Penalties from 1xOB 1x Lost Ball, two bad pitches, three terrible putts from misread greens was the statistics of faults.

Had a no golf Monday and today played nine holes for a gross 44 with 1x lost ball again include two x 3 putts in that and I am satisfied with the results. Comfortable in the knowledge of where the mistakes came from in my mind and looking forward to the Kingston S E Summer Open on the 18th December this coming Saturday.

A great opportunity to refresh my play on this course which is one of the three in the Southern Ports Tournament Feb 26 to March 5th 2011, 54 holes played over the week at the 3 courses and I am anticipating the challenge to come. Handicaps are A Grade 14 and under, B Grade 15 – 20 and C Grade 21-36 A and B Grade are a stroke competition and the C grade is a Stableford Competition.

I will post further details in coming weeks on the tournament but for any who are considering entry in the event The Secretary is Jennifer Gritton Phone 08 8767 2416 Southern Ports Golf Tournament PO Box 521 Kingston 5275

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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