Friday, January 28, 2011

Regular Flex or Stiff Flex Driver...

Friday 28/1/11 Had a day off the course and enjoyed catching up with some book work and did nothing more than a little pitching practise with the net. Did consider heading to the practise fairway and hitting a few long irons, chose to hold that over until tomorrow and instead headed to the pro shop and tried out some new drivers.

Still happy with the Cobra S9.1 (stiff Flex) it works well enough, this was a moment taken to try out some regular flex drivers after my experience with the using the #3 Metal while recovering from the back injury. Got a good swing rythym happening and hit 25 balls, alternating with 5 balls with the Cobra (9.5) then 5 with a Rippa 10.5 Square Head driver. The two felt totally different hitting the ball and the regular flex club did feel “softer” in my hands. The Rippa drives mostly faded in the begining. Then I settled down and hit 5 of the best I could with each.

One ball from each club was the best possible booming straight drive I could work for in a game. The Rippa still felt gentler and even more responsive to working shots with it. The Cobra was it’s usual effective steady self as I have became used to over 12 months.The solid hits with it were brutal in comparison to the Rippa.

Tomorrow I am going to go and have another solid try out with the Rippa and see if I can get the fade out of the shots. Distance wise it was the same with either club, as the back injuries are always going to occur from time to time I am convinced that getting a regular flex driver in my collection of clubs is a must.

Not in any rush to choose and get the club yet but it is going to be the next purchase to give me the selection of clubs that will best suit my game requirements.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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