Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quandary with the Driver...

Sunday 30/1/11 Got into the Pro shop early in the day and picked up the Rippa Driver to head off and have a try out also selected another Scorcher 10.5 degree Driver to have a hit with as well. This had a firmer shaft flex than the square head Rippa and a club head similar shape to the Cobra.

Set up and hit 40 balls in the try out session in lots of 5. The Rippa was easy as before and this time I had more control over the fade/slice and got a good enough grouping. Average distance 210 metres Was fine and hit one perhaps 240 m but it was a real effort and a low percentage of success and would be a disaster to try in a comp round. Not to forget the whole purpose of trying out the regular flex drivers is to have a club that I can use when my back is starting to feel the strain of too much golf and I need to wind back the effort in playing Drives in particular.

The Scorcher took a little adjusting to after using the Rippa being a very different shaft. Had to put a little more effort into hitting the ball as the stiffer shaft required more swing speed. Accurate offf the tee in a few shots the average distance was 220 m with this club. It was more acceptable and comfortable to use, being so similar to the Cobra Driver. The quandary is that I am looking for a club to use when giving the injury flare ups a respite and recovering when I do have the misfortune to over do golf.

Yet the Scorcher feels better in my hands, but I now want to try it with a more flexible shaft as the shaft is too firm for the purpose required.

Even though I use the driver for 12 to 16 shots in a round depending on the course, the only times I ever aggravate existing injuries is with this club. I have a good grasp of what I can and cannot get away with in my golf game in regard to the various permanent damages of past events upon my body. Pacing myself is a definite feature of my preparing for future games. This year I have been progressing towards the March Southern Ports Tournament using the same training program I did for last seasons attempt. My fitness though is markedly improved since that effort 12 months ago, added with the benefits of no longer smoking and including a diet regime in the two months prior to the comp as well to assist in my crack at the title. Having dropped in handicap to “B” grade the improved fitness has been a definite aid in recent weeks for score and stamina in rounds. Currently playing off 17 and having played to 12/14 and 15 in recent weeks in competition I am now winding back to preserve my body in the last four weeks prior to the 3 round tournament.

The grand thing about golf is that I can play it successfully and competitively with minimal discomfort and most important, win on my own merits. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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