Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another day of game tuning..

Wednesday 23/2/11 Golfers come in to play the game with different attitudes depending on personal choices. Some are purely social in their approach, enjoying the walk, camaraderie and the competitive challenge is not a major influence on their game. Others are committed to the competition aspect of the game being part of the pleasure derived from being on the course as well as the social aspect. For me the ability to travel and play in Club Opens as well as club championship, monthly medals is a definite part of my golfing enjoyment.

If it was not for competitive golf, there is no way I would have gone through the dedicated periods of practise to improve my game. The improvements have now made me realise that a decision is soon going to be required on “how much more golfing can I do?” Writing my golf diary yesterday was the first time this thought has came to my attention. This time last year having reached a 22 handicap and played a couple of 17 hcp rounds, the reality was that my golf was very basic ability. Today my 16 handicap and having played to 12 a couple of time and broken 80 in a social round recently the improvement is at a level of a competent average golfer.

This recent improvement has came from 3 months of preparation for next weeks Southern Ports Tournament. I have done this twice in the past two seasons and had major handicap drops as part of the goal to play better golf. By listening to other golfers and other research (okay I am an obsessed golfer) After this tournament I am going to have to look seriously at how much time I can dedicate to practise in the future. It is not about lack of time available, more so to get myself a grounded approach and not start floating off with the clouds. Ambition, desire, dreams, ability and capability are all topics that need to be defined and acted upon. This week I caught up with a guy from primary school days who is now a successful professional golfer, twenty odd years since last catching up and yes we talked golf. I remember the amount of practise it took him and the commitment, and yes I did wish I had the same support to chase the golf dream. Which is partly why now I have the time and ability to play golf again I am so dedicated.

Fortunately I have a career which allows me to incorporate golf into my creative output and performing. Which is far better than when I used to do the same with beer and partying in my performing. Even so there is a limit and that is better off being considered in the near future than letting it slide until a crisis point is reached. The key is for me to use what I have observed among other golfers and picked up from reading to be aware of the realistic standard I can reach as a golfer. My off the cuff comment 3 years ago to my friends was, “be happy to reach 15 and I would like to get 10 hcp”. Having now arrived at an entry point to the first target, making the plan for the future is now due.

Today while putting in the hour with irons and #3 Woods, keeping tuned up and maintaining the standard reached of late, the #1 Driver was given a try for the first time in 3 weeks. Satisfied to play without the Driver next week in light of recent great scores without it in the bag. That is no reason to discount using a club that gives me 30-35m extra off the tee. The results from 15 balls hit was 10 in the target area, will persist during the week and if the standard improves will be looking at the Driver going back in the bag. Working on the “less is best” principle and only using the driver 5-6 times in a round off the tee at the minute. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”Geoff

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