Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Training for the last week...

Tuesday 22/2/11 Back from Adelaide late yesterday, after leaving straight from the course on Sunday afternoon. Not the usual way to leave the course without having some socialising after a round but no choice this time around. Was well worth the hurry with the two meetings in Adelaide very productive for the production of the golf documentary in 2011. Important for several reasons not the least to have less mental distractions during next weeks Tournament and filming schedule.

The decision to use the smaller Prosimmon irons with the stiff shafts was well warranted. The accuracy and distance obtained, also the control in what was the strongest wind played in for 3-4 months was very effective. Only carried #3 Metals (Cobra and Shark) on the day leaving the 9.5 degree driver out as well. Over the past ten rounds, seven have been under 90 (from 82 to 88) my confidence is established for the 3 round tournament next week. The score was 31 points with three wipes and two 1 point holes on Sunday playing to 23 off a 16 hcp, similar to the last full round played before the 2010 tournament I had a blow out then as well. The three costly wipes came from 4 putting one green, a poor pitch and a lost ball while using the Cobra #3 to tee off on the 17th. At that stage of the round I was playing well with 16 points from 7 holes on the back nine. The tee shot was a strong draw into trees and the ball was unable to be found.

Having kept the record of my pre-Tournament preparation last year has been a great reference point, it has a lot to do with my satisfaction at the minute. I do practise often but never to such a planned routine as I have for 3 months in the lead up to Southern Ports. It is not possible to do this always and it does take some motivating factor to make the extra effort (and sacrifice) and commit to the routine. I am only an amateur mid range golfer with a realistic view of my capability and ability in golf. Yes, my dedication and commitment is more than some and less than others and that is what gets the results for my standard of late. Improvement takes time and the proof in my approach, is that in the last two years at the same time with the same practise I have dropped 3strokes twice, doing the same routine.

This week is all about honing the strokes with all clubs to a consistent standard of accuracy and distance. Split into Drivers, Irons, Pitching/Chipping and Putting. Spending up to 3 hours a day (daylight saving (pays off at last) with most focus on Putting that is a definite area needing improvement. With the two #3 Metals already I have improved on them in two sessions. First was a lapse in concentration and trying to hit too hard was making my front foot lift, making the shots erratic. Now sorted and 30 balls to 200 m in a 15 m radius from the target is good enough for me with the Shark XLT Club.

The Cobra was a totally different matter, only had it for a week and not really given it a dedicated work out. Having been a slicer for so long with Woods this club had been good distance wise but the draw on it was what caused the wipe on the 17th hole, Sunday. After a concentrated session today it became obvious that I have to line up the shots with this club allowing for a draw every time. I had thought it was just my fault and poor playing yet setting up the same for both clubs the Cobra was 10 – 20 m left of the target every time compared to the Shark. Finally did the thing I never expected to do and aimed deliberately to the right and watched 10 balls draw onto the target zone.

This afternoon will be putting and pitching drills and this is the weeks routine, for Tuesday- Friday. Will play nine holes Friday and Sunday to put the practise to some field testing. Then it is down to the way the rounds unfold in the competition. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight All”


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