Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The first sub 80 score...

Tuesday 1/2/11 Golfers have many facets in their game that deliver noted moments of satisfaction and enjoyment. Of them all, the first time is always a personal achievement, not that all will be remembered ie birdie, par, pitch in the hole. Where as the first eagle, hole in one, those that are particularly rare in golf are the first time events that stay with a golfer. When it happens the game becomes a little bit friendlier after all of the effort put in to master the skills needed.

Today I was going to post a brief description of the round on Sunday in the club competition. This was the first serious hit out since injuring myself several weeks ago. After last weekend and the effects of playing in the heat and not taking my water bottle, ignoring the need to have a drink. This weekend a filled frozen waterbottle was first thing in the bag. Even so it was a draining day on the course, made a few mistakes and made them up as the round progressed to finish with an acceptable total in the stroke round. Gross 89 for a Nett 72 with 29 putts.

Today I decided to get out for my first full practise session on the range since injury 3 weeks ago, a full 90 minute session hitting irons and the #3 and #5 Fairway Metals. Initially I was not committed to putting in a full session. Feeling no ill effects during the course of the practise, the stops were pulled out to let me work on a swing fault as well. Ever since taking up golf I have scooped the ball with my irons. In recent months the improving technique and stable consistent swing, set up making the change to hitting down on the ball with irons. This was successful today adding better distance from 9 to 3 irons and good accuracy as well. All in all a very satisfying practise session.

Feeling in good nick and with some time available I drove the 45 km to Beachport intending to play 9 holes and familiarise myself with the 3rd of the Southern Ports courses for the end of February. Played the first nine well scoring 40 off the stick in the cooler conditions with a gusting wind making some of the holes a little difficult. As a 17 handicapper getting a score like this and time to play another 9 available the ante was upped to play 18 and have a crack at breaking 80 for the first time.

This score would have no official status or relevance to any but myself if I made the target. It was a chance to have a first and realise a significant return for all the practise of late. Yes dear readers, cracked the fabled 80 mark today with a 38 on the back nine, grand total of 78 off the stick. That gives me a gross total of 167 in two days of golf at Sthn. Ports Courses this week. I would play the 3rd course as well on Thursday if my travelling would allow it this week but cannot. Having followed the same practise and preparation routine as last season for the week long tournament even with the injury setback all is 100% for my crack at the title in a months time.

My track record at all 3 of the tournament courses over the past 3 months has been garnered from practise and excercise to peak at the right time. Taking into account that this is summer and the courses are far more benign than the winter. The score today would not have happened if the solid 90 minute workout on the driving range had not been done earlier. The goal is to maintain the form and establish consistent standards from now until the tournament and hopefully break 80 in official competition in the meantime. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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