Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kingston SE course tryout....

Wednesday 9/2/11 Got my work caught up with an early morning start yesterday to free up the afternoon to take a drive to Kingston SE for 18 holes. Have not played there since winning Division II in the Pre-Xmas Open, the second round of Southern Ports Tournament is played there and I needed to familiarise myself with the current course conditions.

The major difference with this course is the greens. Kingston (Wednesday 2nd March) is the fastest of the three. The first round is at Robe (Monday 28th Feb) (second fastest) and after yesterday the greens are markedly different and even faster than the last time I played there. The other noted difference in the course characteristics is the mounds arond the greens and the rolling fairways. The practise I have put into my Driving, fairway shots and short game have been a major influence in how I play this course for the better.

The putting is another matter and it is a note in my play book on this course to get there early to specifically practise on the putting green. Even thouigh the round yesterday was a tune up session the putting was disasterous on the front 9 with 20 and a back 9 of 14 putts. I hit the first three greens in regulation for 8 putts! (3/3/2.)
They were all long putts of 5-8m read the breaks well but was 3-4 m past the hole for the second putt. Obviously by the second 9, I had a grasp on the pace on the greens but the damage would have been catastrophic in a competition round.

Still struggling with the Driver off the tee, this is really something that I need some coaching assistance from the club professional. Unfortunately he is now based back in Naracoorte and I do not see a window coming up where I can drive there for a lesson. Hopefully I will get one prior to Southern Ports if he comes down in the meantime and I am available then. It is not a major problem I am using the #3 Wood off the tee getting 200-220m and good accurate results. The loss of 30-50 m off the tee is not a hinderance for now. When winter sets in though and the favourable conditions are gone then the Driver is a definite need for the distance off the tee.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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