Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tournament fine tuning time..

Saturday 12/2/11 An unexpected trip to Adelaide on Thursday created an opportunity to refresh my golf at the minute. I have been altering the practise routine of late to specifically target areas of my game that were not up to a suitable standard. Playing off a 17 hcp the reality is that my results have been akin to those in 2009 when I began to drop the strokes from 32 hcp into the low twenties. Over the past 5 rounds playing to the following handicaps in competition 12, 15, 18, 19, 20 ( not in that order), very satisfying after the struggle it became in 2010 on the course where I went from 24-20 during Jan to Feb. and down to 18 by December. In hindsight 2010 was a very difficult season golf wise for me, just not able to come to the table with consistent performance. Even though I was expecting this possibility, by August through to October my attitude was one of feeling like a tired punching bag. Pounded into a sagging loose fitting state and not seeing the benefits the effort was preparing the way for.

It is difficult to have to let time take it’s course, golf is not a game for the impatient to take up when it comes to achieving success. At this minute looking back to when I began in 2009 up to now and how much improvement has been the result of the practise and patient approach is very satisfying. The routine of practise and the fact that as much as my passion for the game is bordering on obsession, it is not the number one priority of my life. Except when I am practising or playing in a competition, then it is all that matters. Of late my practise has reverted to mostly setting up and hitting buckets of balls with various clubs getting the swing right and the accuracy and distances settled into a consistent pattern.

No longer playing so many holes per week to build up ‘match fittness’ This week the unexpected break to the routine made it possible to travel and then head out for 9 holes without the usual controlled pre-round preparation. End result was a bogie round of 9 holes with some poor putting costing 3-4 pars.

After the round at Kingston on Tuesday and the debacle on the front 9 (20 Putts) followed by 14 putts on the back nine, this part of my game is going to get some dedicated practise time. No pressure in the preparation for the Tournament starting 28th of February. Having started getting ready in November my game has nothing but fine tuning and enjoyable playing sessions left to do and be ready for the “game face” period on the 3 days play in the week. This was vital to be sorted as I am also producing a film documentary during the week and that will be a creative distraction. If I did not have my golf game in readiness it would not have been possible to do either to an acceptable standard.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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