Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the clubs are passe'

Wednesday 16/2/11 Since 2009 I have purchased several sets of clubs to use on the course. The first being a new set of SHARK XLT cavity back irons and metal drivers. The game improvement aspect of these irons began to have a negative effect in my game play after travelling from 32 hcp to a 22 hcp. During 2010 my game was at a hiatus compared to the large degree of improvement previously, dropping 3 strokes to be playing off 19 hcp in December.

This was not an unexpected result, having noticed many other golfers struggle in that period of transition through the ‘teens’, handicap wise. It was also caused in part due to my series of experiences using different irons, preparing the way for purchasing the ‘right’ set when the appropriate handicap figure is reached. The figure is 10 and I have played to 12 twice in recent weeks. Trying out blades and peripheral weighted irons and cavity backs has been an interesting experience, particularly as my swing changed a lot during the season. Thanks to ebay, picking up 2 x $30 sets to use was a major bonus to explore club suitability.

Now well into 2011 and I have dropped to a 16 handicap after a concerted practise regime in preparing for the Southern Ports Tournament since late 2010, it is coming to decision time for club choice. The irons will be easy enough to establish during a fitting session. For me anyway, the professional may find it a little difficult as I have a definite process for choosing. It is not going to be a matter of Club A and getting the measurements. I am not a Brand Fan person I have decided that there are several types of clubs that will be suitable and it is not going to be a walk in and purchase in a day matter.

Currently my problem is with the Driver, a club that admittedly is used less frequently off the tee of late. In my last round of 82 gross, was not even in the bag. There was a time when the Cobra 9.5 degree club was a very handy part of my club selection .Yet even prior to the back injury that was caused during a tee shot with the driver in January I was putting in way to much effort trying to get consistency with it. Having now tried several other drivers that are not 460cc but less, I am aware that one of the results of my improved swing may be affecting the Driver. The 380-400cc drivers give equivalent distance off the tee and yet I can definitely work the ball with a very good draw that is not apparent with the bigger club head. Also the smaller drivers do not spray left and right compared to the larger. Obviously this is not unique to me and many other golfers have been down the path, summer time means the #3 Metal is fine to use. Come Autumn and Winter and I will have to be settled and resupplied with a Driver in the bag.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”

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