Sunday, February 20, 2011

One week to go...

"Another Crack At The Title" Movie Trailer

Sunday 20/2/11 Beginning the last week prior to the Southern Ports Tournament starting on Monday 28th February, feeling satisfied with my preparation. The one hurdle that arose was a back injury on the 9th of January which has been sorted in a good way. The recent competition results have all been encouraging earning a 16 handicap one above the minimum for “B” grade since November from the practise and training regime followed. Last year my hcp was 22 in the “C” grade section and it was a struggle through May to October for me on the course.

Some of the difficulty was self inflicted while using the period to experiment with different irons and focus on specific skill development. This week I decided to get the stiff flex irons out for a Thursday social round and was pleasantly surprised at how much improvement was delivered. Hitting most greens in regulation with a club less that usual, so I took then out to play 9 holes in the Friday chicken run comp. The weather was lousy a drenching rain and windy the total opposite of what has been the easy playing conditions the past 6 weeks. One lost ball and still came in with 17 points and a 45 off the stick. Not one to live in the world of what might have been, yesterday I went out in dry windy conditions played the same 9 and scored 42 off the stick. Hitting these irons crisply and the ball is travelling accurate and long when needed. today I will try them out over 18 in very gusty wind conditions and if the score is good will definitely has them in the bag for the Tournament.

Received the draw with my tee times Friday and the first two are 1 pm and the third I am in the last group of the day. So good to have got this far since last year and for the first time in a while I can say that I am excited. Filming the documentary at the same time will be no problem either, the routine of practise over past months has my mental focus at a peak. Many could think “woop de doo” about my commitment to this effort and tournament, that is fine, it is not the OZ PGA but the closest my golfing standard will ever come to playing a three day tournament. Great fun and the challenge to win amongst such a field of golfers is inspirational.

Next week I will be winding the practise back to mostly driving range itron and driver shots and most practise will be putting and pitching. The short game is vital to success and my putting is ready for a little tune up. Not walking the courses much to preserve my body, my limits have increased since 2009 but with all my broken bits a little conservation will be apt caution. The Film has been given some much appreciated support from the local print and television media, even though it i s12 months away fromrelease the work being put in now is what delivers the end result. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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