Thursday, March 03, 2011

2nd Round Southern Ports - On Target....

Thursday 3/3/11 Played the second Southern Ports “B” grade round at Kingston SE yesterday, getting my score back on target. A benign day weather wise, the wind dropped from the practise nine a day before. The putting experience on Kingston’s greens was a definite bonus for Wednesday and was the deciding factor in the improvement. Finished with an 83 off the stick and 30 putts for the day, second place in the gross and first place in the nett by one stroke respectively. The result yesterday took a stroke of my handicap, now on a playing handicap of 15. A total of 3 strokes reduction since the preparation began in November 2010. As all the advice given on improving golfing ability refers to, it is practising the skills not knowing about them that makes the difference.

With one round to go on Friday at Beachport the leader board has the top 6 ranging from 175 to 181 gross. The top 12 score range goes out to 183 and even with an eight stroke variance seeming improbable to be made up the variables that can affect the end result can be significant. First is the weather, this is a coastal region and if the wind does come up the influence on the play is significant. Playing on another different course, whose greens are markedly different to the previous two is the second easily identifiable influence. In my case having played on all the courses, still not leaving anything to chance, going to Beachport and playing 9 holes today. Last trip up the greenkeeper was considering cutting the greens lower and having spoken with a couple of Beachport golfers this week that has happened and it is very different to a month ago.

Yesterday I made a particular club choice change using the Sand wedge for in close pitching instead of a Pitching Wedge. This was a successful decision wit the ball pulling up well and not running off the green as happened to several times to my playing partners. That club choice was the result of the practise round the day before. Also considered playing the #3 Wood and no driver if the wind was too strong which did not happen. The other significant benefit of the day before round was in my club choice for second shots on par 4’s especially. The course played a lot shorter for me than previously, using a 7 and 8 instead of a 5 or 6 on the par 4’s (and 5’s) this would not have happened until after several holes had been blown out otherwise.

Being a happy club hacker is my usual nature in golfing experience, even with the competitive nature of my game that exists always. Having put all the effort in again for this year’s Tournament is delivering results and luck has little to do with my current placing. I have relied upon the improvement gained out of practise to get this far and had a hoot. Friday will be the same and apart from doing the best I can as a golfer swinging his sticks and researching the course and conditions, luck is not even being considered as a significant factor. Thankyou for your time and attention “Hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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