Friday, March 04, 2011

Third round Southern Ports ....

Friday 4/3/11 Starting today refreshed and full of beans after an early night and a fitful sleep. Did have to field one phone call with a bit of diplomacy when asked to be a spotter at the Robe course prior to heading off to Beachport and playing in the final round. Generally helping out at the club is not a problem with me, and if it must be done then that is okay to volunteer. In this case though being in 2nd place and after 3 months of preparation for this tournament I really don’t need to add a distraction to my pre-game focus. There is a part of me that can see this as being a bit ‘precious’ yet with the years of live performances behind me I know how much establishing and sticking with a sensible routine without distractions prior to doing a gig works.

Not like there is a sheep station riding on the result, mostly pride and satisfaction, not to forget I am also producing the documentary on the tournment this week as well. Already a winner this week picking up two pair of Greg Norman golf pants for $25 each at the Pro Shop clearance, so I even look like a half decent golfer on the course now. The prize for winning the Nett at Kingston (67) on Wednesday was a new wallet. Considering that my old one was falling apart and should have been replaced a year ago, I am a very happy fella at the minute.

Hit around 7 holes at Beachport yesterday and worked on a game strategy for today. Again trying out the greens alone made the trip well worth it. Definite change in their pace from a month ago, they will be cut again for today an opportunity for putting disaster has been forewarned. The Beachport greens are quite rough and bouncy not the smooth surface of most courses in the region. So a 2 m putt can be a challenge and going for the hole is usually the best approach. Being faster now and a little smoother in my experience yesterday, softer lagging putts are going to be my tactic on the first 3-4 holes. Playing with caution and setting up a good round at the start.

Time for some sensible percertage golf is all, no need to open the gates and risk blowing out the numbers. The weather is a cooler day than Kingston, the course is closer tro the sea and the air is going to be heavy. Which as I found out yesterday playing a club up from Kingston to get the same distance is needed. Being only one stroke behind the leader myself and 6 of us on 175-181 gross, today will be a hoot of a challenge.

Fair dinkum this serious golf game preparation gives me a brain ache dear readers. Had great fun with the whole experience of Southern Ports from starting training in November to now. Thankfully I do not have to do this every week to put food on the table, if I did two minute noodles would be my staple diet for certain lol. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


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