Saturday, March 05, 2011

Final round - The Result is....

Saturday 5/2/11 The third and final round of the Southern Ports Tournament has been played and I managed to play a credible round finishing with a gross 84, nett 69 and 31 putts at Beachport. The weather was a little better than I expected and again the trip up to play the course the day before paid off. As ordinary club golfers the fact is checking out a course beside the home track prior to a round is not an option in most cases. The whole preparation I put in for the 2011 Southern Ports was based upon actually doing as many of the pre game actions that professionals do to be consistent and successful. It took a lot of time and even drew some comments from others that I was overdoing it.

The proof is in the final result, went from playing in “C” Grade in 2010 off a 22 hcp, finishing runner up in the Southern Ports tournament. In 2011 played off 16 to begin and dropped a stroke to 15 after the second round. After 54 holes had a gross score of 260 and tied for first place with a “bolter” from another golfer who had a 74 gross (played to a 6 hcp while on 18) nett 56 in the final round. That is a sensational score and in the play off I lost on the second hole Par 3 when my shot went left to just off the green and my opponent put his a metre from the pin. Birdie beats a par every time and for the second year in a row I have came runner up in my grade for the Southern Ports Tournament.

It is with a lot of happiness that I can say all of the effort was well worth the time put into it. Winning would have been nice and considering that I was producing a documentary on the Tournament anything less than a top two placing would have been a bit of a let down. It was interesting to receive some critique after the first round 93 that I had been “heading for a fall” because of talking up having a crack for so long prior to the tournament. That is something that I cannot understand, my confidence and self belief in how I was going to perform was totally focussed. None of it was from an ego driven basis, all of the belief came from having put in the time preparing to play at my best in a given time frame. The only addition to my practising from the previous years was a much better short game routine and a smaller target area for the long irons on the range. There was no performance anxiety affecting my game, (if anything and this is not an excuse) unexpectedly having to start the field and going from hitting off in the first group to the last group is the only thing which outside of playing golf influenced my mind set. On the mental side which was non existent in my game previously, now a 100% believer in the “Picture the balls flight and landing on a target”. Imagination is a vital part of my career, that it actually works in playing golf as well has been pointed out countless times. It was not a conscious effort, this just happened during the round at Kingston, even as I write this at the minute the feeling of satisfaction from the memory of the first few “Pictured” shots is a pleasure.

Tonight is the presentation dinner and I am on bar duty and will be getting the final film footage for the documentary as well. It will also be great fun having the final chats and laughs with the many golfers who are new friends after playing with and among them during the Tournament. That is another of the reasons why this tournament had 440 players in its 36th year. The camaraderie is one that only other golfers can imagine, a competitive sport that is as cruel as it is wonderful nurtures this bond of unity in a common cause. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em Straight all”Geoff

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