Saturday, May 14, 2011

Winning in the Wet...

Friday 13th May 2011
Had a great time at the Naracoorte Golf Club 2 cocks Day. The major fundraiser for the club’s season has 200 golfers in 5 person Ambrose ambling around hitting balls and wining and dining at the various Tee blocks on fresh roasted lamb, tender steak bbq’ed to perfection, shucked oysters and of course a selection of local wines. Not to miss the busy drinks carts taking the refreshments to golfers and preventing dehydration setting in and affecting golfing judgment. It is a long day 10am to 4.30pm on the course but not a drawn out endurance test in good company and enjoying the relaxed stroll around the course is the goal.

I did give the dinner for the evening entertainment a miss, with a 100 km trip home and a 5 am start the next day, sleep won out over kicking on. Already booked in for the 2012 event with the same group, the oddest thing was to be the lowest handicap (14) in the group. Still a strange sensation to realise that I can play the game 18 strokes better than 2009 when I returned to the game. Score wise we finished 5 under with no bogies until the back nine it was a good effort considering the mix of golfers we had.

This past week I have returned to using the cavity back irons for practise to get the touch back into my iron game, particularly my longer irons. Not certain there is any technically correct reason for the change except that I have often used another iron set in my mid week practise for a day. This time though I have carried it through to each day. The blades have been good and returned my best score using them, in the summer, autumn weather. Winter is setting in now and the strong winds in particular are highlighting my shortcomings with the blade long irons. I understand the logic behind the graded iron sets that are available these days where the long irons are cavity backs and progress to blades (muscleback) into the lofted irons. I have even considered mixing my sets in a similar fashion. The differences in the two sets combined would be negligible so it is an experiment for coming weeks to trial.

It may appear that I continually change my golfing equipment and that is true, sticking with my decision to explore as many set options before selecting a set that is best for my game. It is not expensive to do these days with the bargain bin of ebay. Having got to 14 from 32 in three years proves it is not that detrimental to a golfers game either. If I had purchased the sets first up from the professionals it may have been the right choice, yet my swing and ability has gone to a totally different sphere since then. Yes I have had hits with the first suggested iron set since then and they still feel good. It may still be the eventual choice as well, the biggest hold back is they are the cavity back I don’t like visually (Taylor Made Burner irons). Tried the R9 Taylor Made irons and that was not what was expected feel wise so the shopping continues.

The next months are free of major tournaments in the main after pennants ends in 3 weeks I should be settled into the golfing groove again. Still on the fitness path and the weight reduction diet will continue for another two months. The benefits of not pushing my body with excercise are much more enjoyable than the pain whilst going through the routines. The excersise did return benefits as well but this time I may have finally accepted that staying fit and in condition is better than having to enforce a training period to get some condition back. One thing particularly noticeable is that my rotation from the hip region actually happens now to its full potential. This was the area that hurt the most during the training with specific excersises for the injured lower back. It is amazing to feel my hips turn and swing through the ball. This has helped with my driver tee shots in the main and iron play, next will be a dedicated practise series to get the shots to a much greater consistency.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”
PS Starting his weekly internet appearances in season 2008 “Footyhead” has became a popular feature for AFL fans on their web browsing. Often wrong but never concerned “Footyhead” with his unabashed Carlton bias has ridden the rollercoaster of the past seasons with a sense of humour to get through the defeats and happy dances in victory.
“Footyhead” has had 3 clips accepted in the Nova Unhatched competition check them out here;
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Voting begins on the 16th of May in the Nova Unhatched competition to choose the final ten, Please go to the Nova site and post your comments on Footyhead being worthy of making the 10.
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff
"Footyhead" not the funniest fella on Youtube, but 100% Carlton to the bone

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