Saturday, July 23, 2011

Coaching sessions always valuable...

21/7/11 It is fortunate that my confidence is not tainted with arrogance, particularly when dealing with golf. The satisfaction with ‘fixing’ the problem with the mid-long irons was a shallow feeling. Fortunately the trip to Adelaide with a bit of rushing early in the day opened a window to get to Drummonds and get the driver regripped. Plus time to get to the range and book a coaching session.

The first bit of good fortune was that the store was not overly busy and one of the good natured staff (as i have always found them to be in fact) when I asked if it would be possible to have a session with the ‘computer swing testing thingo’ said no probs. Even though it was not usual for some one not getting fitted for clubs.

Would have been totally satisfied with finding out my swing speed, yet we went the full enchilada in the end. First of all something that had been in my mind since January was shown through the test. Swing speed 75mph not fast enough for stiff flex iron shafts which have always been suggested as what would be best for my game. 80mph plus is best for stiff flex so although it is not a big gap it is enough to affect performance.

Then it was possible to trial a set of Titliest AP2’s which have been one of the considered choices for when I reach 10. This time with regular flex shafts the accuracy was significantly better and distance as well to what stiff flex give in a comparison on the readout. Amazingly was the backspin result, something which has only began to be a consistent factor in my game in the last 2 weeks. All from changing the eye to ball target point from; back of the ball to the top centre.

The mid to long iron accuracy problem was identified as, outside to in swing plane. I suspected this but that is not my issue with the cure I had enacted. I need to get to a pro coaching session have and expert analyse the whole process and set me some exercises to fix the problem.

Which I did in the late arvo, problems were 1) Swing plane. Then other probs in tandem with the fault; 2) Not rotating at the hips, getting right foot turned, up and on toe 3) Not rolling the wrists 4) Gripping the club too tight.

Left after a coaching session with the problems perfectly explained and the practise routines in hand to use that will assist in improving my swing. I play with several golfers who play with a swing fault that causes a slice or hook and allow for it. Which is fine until they do not do it, hit the ball straight and into disasterous trouble. Follwed by a tantrum on how shit their golf is. Fix your problem it is not that hard, if a golfer makes excuses and is pig headed then it is impossible.

Since getting home I have constructed a short practise club to do the swing plane/wrist rotation exercise, the leg and hip rotation exercise needs no tools. Since the coaching session I have put in 4 hours of practise which should have my game at a similar standard to post coaching. The grip strength is another gradual improvement concentrating on the pressure and keeping 3/10 strength will eventually establish itself. There will still be faults, except that now it is from a correct basis of a technique and not error based.

It is going to take time and I have 3 months to get it right with the new awareness and practise routines to fix the problem. All I want is to hit the ball straight, get that settled and I will get to that ten hcp goal. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”

lol PS anyone wanna swap; MY set of Bridgestone j33’s 2-PW combo set with TT S300 stiff shafts for the same in Regular flex shafts :)


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