Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Slow and Steady is working well...

19/7/11 In hindsight the Club Captain’s decision to call off the round on Sunday was fantastic. Even though I mildly disputed his call and was one of only 3 golfers revving to go out in the rain. It was only because the ‘game face’ was on, once normal brain transmission resumed it was much better not out there on the course. There rescheduling of the round is going to cause some ructions. For me it will be a hard choice to not play on the 31st yet my plan has always been to play the Kingston Open on that day. The preparations for the next two weekend open competitions have all been done and my game is travelling well.

This morning was the best yet for the improvement of playing the mid to long irons. The problem was never a major one and the cure was something very minor, caused by a bit of laziness on my part. All along the error had been when addressing the ball I had began to ‘drop’ my hands and bending over at the hips, causing me to ‘swipe’ around at the ball instead of an upright stance with a back and through swing. Once the stance was corrected the pulling to the left with the 3-4-5 irons was gone and back to straight accurate shots to the target. Not perfect of course but good enough for a player of my standard.

Then a bit of good fortune came along as I was finishing the practise. A couple of visitors whom I had met yesterday at the club and had given therun through on green fees and buggy hire were finishing their front nine and asked if I wanted to join in the back nine. Intending to head home and work for a few hours then play nine,I made the better choice of a social nine with the guests. A pleasant amble chatting and golfing is never a bad idea, this was the perfect solution to get out and have a relaxed round in company instead of a solo round. The golf was not bad either 41 off the stick and it was effortless. Plenty of errors and they did not matter, that is a score I will take as acceptable. Social golf is fun, taking experimental shots that in a game would not be considered is and important part of this game.

Tomorrow is time to travel again up to Adelaide and returning on Friday. Saturday at home then Lucindale on Sunday, all is set up and ready as I can be. Now to get out at midnight and do the sunshine dance under the full moon later on tonight so it is not raining on the weekend and that will fix the weather. Thats how to play golf, practise the skills, no superstitions, and plenty of pagan religious rites. All perfectly acceptable as far as I am concerned if it gets pars, birdies and stops the ball from going into the twilight zone. Thankyou for your time and attention all, “Hit ‘em straight” Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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