Friday, July 15, 2011

Practise makes my golf better...

15/7/11 Had the first round of the week this afternoon in the Friday ‘Chicken Run” comp. This week has been nothing but practise on the range with particular work on that long iron inaccuracy that has been of concern. It was good to be out and hitting less balls for better effect as the results were delivered in the 9 holes this afternoon. The problem was nothing major again more a part of the transition to the new clubs and my improved ball striking. Addressing the ball required me to stand a little closer than previously, focussing on the top/centre of the ball looking down and not the back while swinging the club through. Also making certain the iron went through on line to the target and a little “out” instead of coming ‘in’ and across the ball as well as pulling my arms up short on the follow through.

Nine holes and 9 very good shots using the 4-6 iron getting either GIR or 1-2 metres off the green. The Chicken Run comp. is a fun round and I do put in a serious effort, use it as a good tune up for the 18 hole round on Saturday or Sunday. Hence I do not concentrate 100% on all shots and participate in a lot of chatter, joking, sledging and general fun. With all the mucking around and playing off a 10hcp and not my official 13hcp with 3 wipes (Stableford) a total of 12 points was okay. Missed three putts due to having more fun than being dead serious and could not care less as the purpose was to see if the long iron practise had worked. Not ignoring the missed putts though, not following the regular set up for putting cost the points.

A little good fortune on my part in hindsight has been the program error which listed the CavPower Tournament this Sunday at Lucindale when it is actually next week. Will give another week to tune my game up, could see that a little more preparation would be a bonus and now have it. That means playing at the home track in a rescheduled Monthly Medal and 1st Round of the Caledonian Inn Trophy on Sunday. Looking forward to a stroke round and defending the title from last season, hopefully the weather will be mild and not influence the golf too much.

The worst event of the week was leaving the house early in the morning and not checking Golf Equipment for Sale listings, a 420cc Bridgestone J33 Driver was sold that I had not seen before. Not that having a matching driver to go with the set is important. I use a 380cc Driver much better than the 460cc one previously, the opportunity to add a 420cc one to the bag was missed.

No matter the world is still turning and the Open at St George’s is giving great entertainment on the TV. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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