Thursday, September 08, 2011

Book publishing... new driver and putter

Early start in Adelaide this morning off shopping for domestic necessities and had to go past Golf Clearance store on South Rd. Dropped in for a look as you do and now have a 420cc Infinity CBG35 driver $25 and a new putter $30.

Can put both purchases down to bonuses for the good results from this week. Have almost finalised the publishing of golf books that I completed in 2009 and 2010. The self published sales were promising and I have been updating them since then. The next two months are going to be head down and plough through to get them finished and ready for re-release in November 2011. I am fortunate in arranging life to be on top of most projects on the go that if there is an unexpected deadline thrown in making it is not too difficult.
The 10.5 degree driver I understand buying at that price from the clearance bin with a reg flex shaft, a bargain to experiment with another size up. Now have 380, 400 and 420 cc Drivers since finding that my game is better without the 460cc off the tee. This one I liken to the similar smaller size Titleist Drivers. There was also a Dynacast 9.5 deg. 425cc Driver Ultra light shaft, it was not forged nor titanium and would not have lasted long in my hands.

Was on the way to the Drummond Driving range anyway so it got a good work out. Distance is better than the 400cc, feels a lot more direct and explosive when hitting the ball. Going to take a bit of work to use accuracy was very poor compared to the 400cc. May swap shafts though and see if I can pick up some distance with the smaller driver head that way.

The Tour Sonic putter on the other hand I have no reason for getting apart from it was cheap. Similar to the Wilson 100 I use at the minute except with an insert in the face it is slightly lighter. May add a little more finesse to my putting which has been effective for several months and for practise will not be as tiring to use for extended periods.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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