Wednesday, September 07, 2011

On the road again...

Up in Adelaide for a couple of days, doing some research for work and enjoying some time with g/f. Arrived early today and had a couple of hours to spare so headed down to the Drummond Range on Tapleys Hill road and hit 65 balls. Had my travelling sticks in the car plus the Cobra S9.1 460cc driver. Hit the irons particularly well this is a result from the coaching received here 6 weeks ago, only used the #3,#4,#5 clubs. These are the 30yr old Ping Karsten copies with reg flex shafts which served me so well in 2011.

Wanted to get some range hitting in after the bad weather yesterday.
 Managed to hit 20 balls in the wind and rain, hard work but had to get out there in preparation for the qualfying round Sunday.  If the weather is crap on Sunday I will get on the course and play to at least get myself into the playoffs.

The #3 Metal does for a driver as well in this travelling set, a Shark XLT with a larger head good for up to 200m off the tee and on the fairways. The Cobra was deliberately packed, been a long time since I have had a hit with a max. size driver. It went well, still has that extra 20-40m on the shots off the tee. Feels awkward through the air, compared to the 400cc driver currently in the bag. In the search for a little more distance an experiment is brewing with a stiff shaft replacing the current ultralight R flex in the 400cc.

The big driver was not too bad and if I can continue with the swing improvement will be a welcome addition to the bag again. That extra distance is going to be a must have if my handicap is going to travel down through the single digits. Not a certainty that the maximum size driver is getting the spot, 380 then 400 cc have all worked well. Have my eye on a few 420/430cc drivers at the minute. The shaft flex is the important matter to resolve first though.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


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