Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The final season round Robe Open

9/11/11 Wednesday The Robe Open on Sunday was my last committed hit on a course for a few weeks, time to rest up a bit giving my elbows a bit of recovery time. The improvement has been gradual and the frustration and irritation of the injury has been a boon of sorts. You may think that this is taking optimism a leap too far in maintaining a positive attitude. For me it is not, the pain and incapacitating aspect of the golfer/tennis elbow injury was never pleasant. I have endured and lived with far worse pain in the past 20 years, in comparison this was a doddle to get through. One of the difficult parts of my rehab was to not over do it, given that I have experienced higher pain levels in the past and kept pushing the limits. A disciplined approach had to be enforced and not negate the slow recovery progress.

The limitation in my swing from driver to chipping and on the green with the putter also required a few changes to accommodate the recovery while still improving my game. The restriction in the swing made getting the technical execution of the strokes as good as I possibly could. End result was that as the injury improved my game has still benefited from the experience. The last 3 weeks I have played with blades and that required greater concentration and a higher skill level to play shots. It would have been very easy to pull out the cavity back game improvement clubs and still played golf with out making any specific effort to improve until the injury was repaired. This week I have put the blades away and gone out with the AP2’s the last two days and reaped the benefit of an improved long and short iron game. Early days yet and the recovery is still not 100% so back to the blades tomorrow and continuing the process.

Ended the Open with an 86 Gross and a 74 Nett in A Grade, was a little surprised when on the first tee realising that I was grouped with single figure and past champion golfers. No nerves or hestiation just something that I observed and spent a few seconds acknowledging the reality in my mind, on the 7th of November in 2010, I was playing off a 19 handicap. The round was ticking along nicely until the 13th and 14th holes, 2 lost balls and the round was shot. Pars on the next 4 holes were a good enough recovery from those two holes. Again though it was errors in the same places of a round that has been affecting my golf for several months. This may be coincidental as far as the timing in rounds, it is still a matter of me not playing consistant good golf.

Relaxing rounds to follow in November, with and Ambrose at Penola on the 13th during the Champion of Champions round and at the Robe Village Classic Ambrose on the 26th of November. With the continuing improvement of my golf being the only focus I have at the minute, it is also important to not go past the reason I play the game. Golf is fun, an enjoyable game whether practising or playing in a competition or socially. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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