Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penola Golf Club Champion of Champions

15/11/11 Tuesday. Started the “No Golf” period after Sunday’s round at Penola. Hopefully the two week lay off will do the job and get the body back to a condition of playing without discomfort. The 18 holes last played summed up my current capability on the course, tried all day and there was nothing in the tank again. Was using the 3 iron off the tee after two holes and even this stick had an irritating fade all day. The Driver came back out on the 17th and even though the game was over and done I had at least figured out the problem, simply standing too far out from the ball earlier. Drives on 17 and 18 were crackers and dead straight. Most second shots for me were chips back out onto the fairway and the third shot at the greens in the main, fell short. Did not feel as though I was under clubbing, just could not get the distance right when hitting the ball well.

The greens were great fun had the speed right and read them well all day, the putting was an enjoyable part of the day. Short chips were okay as well but bogie golf on a 12 handicap is never a good scoring basis. I recall getting 1 par hole all day and three wipes in the round. Finished with a total of 24 stableford points. Was not upset in the slightest about the poor result, not a tantrum thrower when it comes to golf at any time. This round was no more that playing one too many and was a club representative obligation, the only reason I played was for that reason.

At the minute my goal has been to play at the Vines on 2/12/11 and that may not happen, depending on the progress of my fitness to play well again. Will play the Village Classic Ambrose at Robe on the 26th of November and at best have a few putts and a couple of hits on the practise range to gauge how the golfers elbow injury is healing. The Club AGM is on the 23rd and my final duty as club secretary that night, staying on the committee in the coming season if my nomination is accepted. Work is getting a foot in the door and have to reduce some golfing commitments. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit ‘em Straight allGeoff

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