Monday, November 21, 2011

How low can I go.....

21/11/11 Monday. Sticking with the no golfing effort to assist in recovery from the Tennis/Golfer elbow malaise. The last week was not easy did go out on Tuesday and hit 20 balls with my drivers just to work on the swing fault which affected the Penola round and had a 15 minute putting session on Wednesday. That is the total of golfing practise and the least number of hits in the past three years, so it was a difficult excercise. At the minute the recovery is still very slow, unfortunately on weekends I throw the papers for the local newsagent. Whilst the discomfort was less on Sunday than after Saturdays paper round it was not a good thing to do. At this stage I will have a hit on Friday in the Chicken run 9 hole stableford, before playing in the Robe Classic Ambrose Comp. on Saturday. Should be no problems with this amount of activity, although the Race To Cypress Lakes competition on the 2nd of December is looking like a non entry for me. Only 7 spots left in the field for the Vines and I cannot commit given the slow improvement.

Southern Ports Tournament in 2012 , end of February and first week of March is still the major start to next seasons competition targets, after finishing second in “B” Grade in 2011 and the same in “C” Grade in 2010 now I am up into the”A” Grade. Relishing the challenge at having a crack at this, reality is that being in the higher handicap section of the grade, target is the Nett competition not the Gross. Another two weeks are committed to recovering from the injury before I have to start the pre-Competition preparation.

The upside to not playing golf at the minute is the amount of “thinking time” that my game is getting to counter not being out playing. Was about time, in hindsight, that I sat back and put some thought into where I am going with golf. The dreamed of handicap goal back in 2009 when starting was 10, the must get target was 15. Reached that figure in February 2011, and now playing off 12. Nearing the first of the double figure handicap numbers, has me looking at the single digits below. Playing to 19hcp is still fresh enough in my experience to be able to notice the major improvement in 12 months to be 7 strokes better. Whilst all of the playing focus is on cracking the 10hcp level, mentally my mind is rambling among the single digits for a target.

Being aware of other golfing partners/opponents achievements over this time handicap wise is a benefit. Specifically two have got down to a 6hcp from 12-13 another from 4 to 2. In that time there has been several casual golfing partners, who during rounds have discussed their handicap journeys from where I am at to the single figures. After a week of thought, the revised handicap dream target is 5, I will accept 6 or 4 either side of the number as well, which pretty much reveals that until I get there the hunger to improve is a motivation at the minute. Being able to go back over three seasons of a golf diary and two of blogging which were written as the golfing happened is a significant benefit. I can see where I have had various influences, positive and negative on my game develop. The equipment and coaching experiences are especially valuable. In fact the latter is the most influential aspect which improved my game. A golfers attitude to receiving professional coaching is what makes or breaks their game in my opinion. For those who stand by the position of coaching does not benefit a golfers game, that is your choice. I will draw your attention to the fact that the professionals who play at the highest level today, still get coaching to keep their own game at it’s best.

Whilst I do have a documented training/practise schedule that has worked so far it is not static or set in stone. It has evolved since 2009 to produce my golf improvement and although it has maintained the core principles to enable playing my best golf. Not once have I gone off on a tangent chasing one of those imaginary “Secrets” that will take your golf to a brilliant level. Grip and Swing in tandem with practise are what has got me this far. Never have I gone to a coach without a set idea of what was needed. Hence I could listen to the advice. practise the routines and here I am playing my best golf for now. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”

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