Thursday, November 24, 2011

A little dummy spit... Feel a lot better now

24/11/11 Thursday. Getting close to spitting the dummy at the minute, had a gutfull of not playing golf today. After spending a few hours at the club sorting out the stock in the bar and with the electrician getting the power fixed went to the car and got the sticks out of the boot and played five holes.

Bit of anger in the first few holes so some ratty shots, still hitting greens in regulation was done a couple of times. Putted crap and did not care was just happy to throw off the shackles and have a swing. Still some damned pain in the right fore arm, that is not a good sign. Of course I would rather have the arm ,even if it is a bit second rate than be a Mr Stumpy. In fact as I write this the anger is really roiling away, a good thing. Have been through a lot of physical discomfort for a long time so my acceptance of it is very limited. Being fitter from playing golf and enjoying the handicap progress, stopping something so good is not easy.

Saturday is the Village Classic Ambrose, unfortunately only two of us from last seasons successful team can make it and I am not in prime form. That said it is an Ambrose and will suit my current game very well. Pretty pumped to play after so long away, hahahah two weeks of reduced golf. Then Sunday a day of watching a field of 24, 5 or less handicap golfers playing for the 2011 Village Classic honours.

The power problem had been noticed for 6 months or so and was a dimming of the lights in the main. Sparky gets the call and says it is not a good sign, as an electricity nimrod I had no idea what this potentially meant. A mini Hiroshima or a burst of cow flatulence. To make a long story short after answering no to the questions ie has any one been shocked with the juice or any electrical equipment been fried. He was surprised and then showed that instead of 240 Volts the club was getting up to 300V. ETSA sent a crew straight away and fixed the lines and so now we are back in the safety zone. By pure luck it seems because the club gets limited use through winter, not much wedding hire etc the possible disaster was avoided.

The Club AGM went well last night, bigger attendance than the last one, which in AGM terms can be a concrn as if members are happy they dont come out in large numbers. Yet the meeting went along smoothly the floor members voiced no concerns or problems with the plans and decisions mooted for the coming expansion. New people on the committee as well which is a good thing and I have stepped down from Secretary and taken on Vice President for the year. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”, Geoff

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