Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kingston SE Open preparation...

14/12/11 Wednesday, Left 4 hours early at 10 am, to get to Adelaide today so I could drop into Kingston SE and play 18 holes on the way. Had the Wilson blades in the boot, to give me my weekly workout with these irons as it is going to be less golf than of late, be in Adelaide until Friday and not enough time for golf. Yeah I know that is hypocrisy from my position, sometimes the game does get put second for doing things. Does not stop me thinking about the game though.

The hit at Kingston was the first there for a few months and a must do in preparation for their Summer Open this Saturday. Used the Infinity 420 cc off the par 4 and 5 tees, only getting 200-220m with this club at the minute compared to the 220-250 with the Cobra. Yet once again smaller driver and back on the fairways with improved accuracy. Was just browsing GPJ’s thread and he had a comment about stiff shafts replacing regular flex in drivers and that has helped get that thought ticking away in my mind. The regular flex in the Infinity works well, I like the responsive feel of the club also. It is that ‘need to experiment’ facet of my mind which really wants to know if a change in shaft would be a good thing? Not an urgent consideration as I am still enjoying the return to playing and getting some form back.

The blades were a bit of a hinderance in the hands, the AP2’s are quite a bit longer and sweeter to hit. That said, I still popped a neat 86/nett 74 with 34 putts around the course. The whole point of using the blades is it sharpens my ball striking and concentration in setting up for shots to get the best result possible.

Putting was a sloppy display, greens at Kingston were hard and dry but I will be in good touch on Saturday on them. Had a couple of chats with the greens keeper on the way around. Always good to know how a course is travelling, all the new greens are up and running at Kingston and it is very pleasant to play. I have always found it a course which makes me play shots and rewards the player who does that. That said they have a few bird scarer’s banging away, same problem with Galah damage to the course we have at Robe. Fortunately we have the okay to shoot a few to scare them off.

As usual on the drive up did a bit of “golf planning”, going to need a decision made on taking a series of regular coaching sessions in January. Expensive proposition to have at least two per week for the month, yet I see that as the best preparation for 2012 season and the Southern Ports Tournament in March. It is not a problem to keep going along as I have for the last 3 seasons, that has been successful. Being a ‘hungry’ golfer though, logic says that needs to get an upgrade for the best results in 2012. Now in the A grade competition arena, professional coaching on a regular basis is the best way for progress, having established regular practise routines it has to be consolidated and improved.

15/12/11 Thursday. Had some free time this morning so took a trip into Adelaide to browse the Golf Porn Shops. Golf Clearance Warehouse has had a name change on South Road since my last visit. The beauty of golf club stores is that unlike a lap dance you can fondle the items of pleasure. As usual there was plenty of stuff to buy and the self control was in good form, purchasing was not an orgy of stocking up on clubs for another day. Walked out with 2 dozen Optima balls for $30, good value from a clearance sale of AFL Port Power monogrammed balls.

Then a drive to the Drummond Golf Range opposite the Airport to give the driver a workout and have a few hits with the 60 Degree wedge. I rarely use this iron with only two sand bunkers on my home track and prefering to use the pitching wedge in close. It is not a matter of preference more a case of being able to go along quite well without getting it out very often. At the range though I got to have a good 40 hits at pin/green targets. A lot of variation in the distances when aiming at 30 m away targets. Going anywhere from 5m long to 10m short of the aiming point. Then I had a good crack on the range with 20 balls, it seems that 55-70m is the max distance for me with this wedge. Still the same variation in distance so a lot of work on the practise track is penciled in for this wedge.

After that out came the Infinity 420cc 10.5 degree Driver and Cobra 3 metal for some practise. The Cobra was just along for the ride, some variation to mix up with hitting the driver. Did get maximum benefit though, improved accuracy with stance and opening the club face to keep repairing the ‘hooding’ fault.

The Driver was a great fun, getting 200-220 m on the full easily and with the summer run on fairways that is a good start. Far less tendency to slice with the smaller driver compared to the Cobra S9.1 and once again better accuracy and control of the club while swinging. Getting that front leg pinned to the earth and not bending the knee and the power was transfered to good straight long hits. Have to keep it a little in check as the accuracy quotient decreases with the longer balls. Nothing that some dedicated practise will not improve.

Did not bother to hit any other irons, the Wilson 1200 blades gave me a workout yesterday at Kingston. Looking forward to getting the AP2’s back in the bag on Friday. One of the staff had a look at the Infinity Driver and commented that the ‘deep’ face was better suited to a lower handicapper as it does not deliver much ball height once hit. I do not find this much of a hinderance in my game but it has been duly noted.


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