Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Correcting pull shots...

Had some free time today and made an effort to get the camera out and film my Driver and Iron strokes. It has been quite some time since this has been done and a lot has changed for the beter since 2009 when I did it the first time.

The driver practise was well due having not done much at all in the last month or so and concentrating the past two weeks on 9 hole exercise to get some fittness and match playing under the belt. The 420cc Driver used today was purchased just before the enforced lay off with the Golfers Elbow. Of late the realisation that I have to move back to a larger club head on the driver was covered with using the 460cc Cobra S9.1, stiff flex 9.5 degree.

Today I grabbed the regular flex Infinity 10.5 degree and after 7 holes of whacking the ball organised to go and do some serious set up and practise. This soon had the desired results and the ball was going straight and long. As with the other smaller drivers 380 and 400cc used of late, the 420cc one has a more sensitive feel and I can shape the ball and know what is going to happen.

Taking advantage of being set up with the camera I grabbed the 6 Iron and had a few hits. This was to get some footage of practising the corrections needed to remove the pulling of iron shots inparticular of late. The erratic shot play was making GIR a very difficult task.

I had combined two set up faults to cause the problem, hooding the clubface at address, also whilst lining my feet up to the target, the shoulders were being aimed to the left. These are minor corrections overall and the day after this was identified I played 18 at Robe and won with an 82 (nett 70) correcting the faults with ease. I also do not clear my left sde when hitting the ball but this can wait for a later date.

KIngston Open this Saturday and in a bit of form as well looking forward to the round. Will call in tomorrow on the way to Adelaide and have a 9 hole hit on the track at least. Thursday. if time is available, will get in a bucket of balls with the driver at Drummonds range in Adelaide as well. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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