Monday, January 30, 2012

Bang on target for the Tournament..

30/1/12 Monday. Four weeks of practise have passed since the beginning of the month and many changes to my game has been further evidence in the effectiveness of professional coaching received. The resultant changes in stance and simplifying the whole process of hitting the ball forward into the hole from tee to green did take some adjustment.

When playing rounds it was difficult to be consistent with my stroke play. Accepting that I had increased the distances with my shorter irons was not easy. In the past I occasionally hit the odd shot longer, never so often and with the accurate landing of the balls on target and in a tight grouping. This was all achieved with less effort due to the improved stance and posture which directed more energy in powering the ball, which previously was wasted in keeping the club on target just to hit the ball. That is my translation of one effect that the coaching had. From three session, the first week had the two which worked on tee fairway shots and around the green short game, pitching and chipping. After two weeks of practising the advice given, on Friday taking the final coaching session, Putting.

In a nutshell to describe the ease in making the changes it was all possible because now I take the same stance to play every shot. The clubs do all of the golf stuff, I am the brain which selects the balls target and power supply unit. To finish the coaching with putting could be taken as a recipe for more struggle in getting everything working in unison. Yet as the following results show this was not the case, as the next day I played in the Kingston SE competition backing up with Robe on Sunday. Saturday was a tough day weather wise it was hot and the wind was not a gentle cooling zephyr but a gusty beast that coupled with the litres of sweat gushing into my eyes made concentration a battle.

A front nine of 20 points and dropping putts from all over the green I was surprised to say the least at the consistency of my game across the whole gamut of shots being played. I was also carrying the 460cc Driver in the bag with a 400cc driver in there as well. Alternating between the two depending on the shot required off the tee. The back nine was dragged down in a large part to the effect of the harsh weather conditions. Two wipes with ragged tee shots and missing three putts inside 2m that I was dropping in the cup with ease on the front nine had a total of 12 points on the card. Each of the three missed putts were for 3 pointers as well, they were not hole saving must get putts but those invaluable handicap breaking boosters.

End result off the day at Kingston was confirmation that the practise and changes were all worthwhile. With the Southern Ports Tournament four weeks away the preparations had all been comparable with the past two events preparation for me. Sunday was dependent on the weather I was not going to through myself into another battle with the elements of heat and winds inside 24 hours. Whilst it was still warm the breeze was that and not a lurking gusty gale and a cool change predicted for late afternoon conditions were fine. After the junior coaching clinic at 9.30am and restocking the bar for the golf club I decided to play.

Not one for a shot by shot description of a round and that will not change here. A front nine of 43 (with a double bogie 7) and 15 putts, the back nine was a 38 (including a 4 over 8) and 12 putts. Grand total of 81 Gross for a Nett 68 and 27 putts. Apart from the two blowout holes the rest were birdies, pars and bogies, I was in total control of my game alternating again between the two drivers depending on the hole layouts. Hitting the greens in regulation on 5 holes, 11 fairways and with the putting on target all day it was a round that delivered all of the results that the coaching and practise were done for.

One of my playing partners also had coaching from the same professional recently and his driving was stupendous at times and the accuracy and consistency that came with it was exactly what I am working towards. It was a good thing to be able to watch him drive from the tee and imprint that action in my mind for my own use later. The coming four weeks of training appeal even more after this round, I can sense the nearness of breaking 80 and importantly being good form for the 3 round tournament. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”  Geoff

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